A bulkhead’s (or retaining wall’s) primary purpose is erosion control, whether it be by land or water. Common materials used are pressure treated wood, vinyl and steel. Areas of use include freshwater and saltwater shorelines, terraced landscaping and golf courses.


If you’re looking for a long-term solution to shorefront erosion, soil reinforcement, or flooding, look no further than ESP sheet piling. With fifteen different designs to choose from, covering every conceivable application from light residential to heavy-duty industrial, Everlast Seawall Products sheet piling offer solutions for nearly every installation.


Nothing makes your wall look sleeker and more stylish than ESP’s capping. Clean, durable, and specially formulated for long life in harsh marine environments, ESP’s enhances your bulkhead like no other material can. Backed by the best warranty in the business, you’ll still be enjoying the elegant appearance of your shorefront property in the years to come.


bulkheading1Bayou City Lumber supplies Timbers, Pilings, and 2×10 Tongue & Groove (Center Match) Sheeting treated for both Freshwater (.60) and Saltwater (2.5) environments. Our knowledgeable sales staff are experts in helping you select the right treatment level for your project needs.


Tie rods are the most important, yet most overlooked component of your wall. The integrity of the long-term service of your bulkhead depends on whether your tie rods will stand the test of time. Inserted through the front of the piling and tied back into your property. Tie rods are commonly available in 5/8″ and 3/4″ thickness and in lengths of 12′, 15′, and 20′! Bayou City Lumber also offers Armor Rod extensions to protect the exposed surface of the rod that is most vulnerable to harsh environments.


Wales add strength to walls and help them stand up to years of service. Bayou City Lumber offers excellent wale alternatives, each designed to maximize your investment and create the most attractive, longest lasting walls on the market. Wood wales are typically treated 3×8’s that maximize the surface tension pull on your bulkhead ESP’s wales are constructed of durable, corrosion-resistant marine grade alloy and coordinate beautifully with ArmorWare capping options. TimberGuard offers all of the benefits of a wood wale, armored against the elements with a far longer service life than treated wood alone and is the perfect aesthetic and structural compliment to ESP sheet piling.   bulkheading

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