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Who Offers Affordable Vinyl Bulkhead Material?

Individuals looking to find affordable vinyl bulkhead material can do so at Bayou City Lumber. Our company keeps in stock a number of essential construction materials that help individuals who are working on any fresh water or salt water bulkhead project. All products stocked by our company are competitively priced, which guarantees that our customers are able to find materials at affordable prices.

We at Bayou City Lumber keep a well-rounded stock of bulkhead material. Our extensive inventory of products includes vinyl sheet piling, steel rods and piping, and pressure treated wood. The pressure treated wood that is available comes in a variety of sizes, lengths, and varying degrees of treatment level. This makes the wood ideal for all bulkhead projects, whether it is on land or in water. Visit our lumber yard at Bayou City Lumber to explore our inventory of affordable construction material that is ideal for bulkhead projects.  

Best Quality on Vinyl Bulkhead Material?

Bulkheads, whether being used on land or in the water, need to be built using the highest quality materials possible. The higher quality the materials, the sturdier the structure will be and the longer it will last. Bayou City Lumber stocks high quality bulkhead construction material.

The construction material that is available for purchase at our company includes some of the most trusted and reliable names in construction manufacturing. We keep in stock ShoreGuard, GeoGuard, and C-Loc sheet piling, which all produce high quality, industrial strength materials.

Other materials kept in stock include multiple varieties of pressure treated wood and steel piping/rods. These materials are ideal for use with all bulkhead projects including those in saltwater shorelines, freshwater, landscaping, and golf courses. Call Bayou City Lumber today to discuss with one of our sales associates what products are best for use on a current bulkhead project.  

What are the Advantages to Using Vinyl Bulkhead Material?

There are certain advantages that come with building a bulkhead out of vinyl, especially when the structure is being used in fresh water or sea water. The biggest advantage is the inability for the vinyl materials to breakdown over time due to rust and rot. Traditional construction materials used for bulkhead projects will start to rust and rot due to the prolonged exposure to water. Vinyl does not have this type of problem, which means vinyl bulkheads have a longer lifespan.

Another advantage of vinyl bulkheads is the manufacturer guarantee that comes with the product. We at Bayou City Lumber keep ShoreGuard sheet piling in stock at all times. ShoreGuard sheet piling comes with a 50 year manufacturer warranty that offers protection against rot, rust, damage from UV exposure, and any potential defects. Visit us at Bayou City Lumber to talk with an experienced sales associate about the other advantages of using vinyl bulkhead material.

Tips for vinyl bulkhead installation

Published by Bayou City Lumber on June 15, 2016

A decade ago, vinyl bulkhead materials were considered too thin for most seawall projects. However, since that time there have been major overhauls in the design and manufacture of vinyl bulkhead materials. Vinyl bulkhead materials have improved in strength, thickness, shape, and resistance power which makes them the superior choice from durability and ease of installation.
But before you install vinyl bulkhead materials, consider these tips:

  • Permit-first.  Begin this project by creating a detailed plan and blueprint of the proposed seawall. You can then go through the permitting process with your local municipality yourself, or work with a seawall construction firm.
  • Rent a pump...  Use a trash or similar-style pump system during installation to suck water from the immediate waterfront, giving you room to operate. 
  • Rent an auger or jackhammer.  This equipment will enable you to quickly and efficiently dig appropriately-sized holes for the pilings.
  • Half-in and half-out.  Measure and cut vinyl bulkhead material according to the installation rule of thumb: "half-in and half-out". For instance, a 10ft bulkhead above ground will require 10ft below ground.
  • No hammers.   Never hammer vinyl bulkhead materials into place as it can damage the material's long-term durability. Instead, slowly push it into place.

Published by Aaron Presley on October 3rd, 2015

Vinyl bulkheads are an excellent way to stop erosion while also adding a touch of visual beauty to a property. Sheets made from vinyl bulkhead material have quickly surpassed traditionally used materials due to their lower cost, resistance to UV rays, and resistance to marine borers that feed on other materials. Plus, vinyl bulkheads are much easier to install thanks to their uniformity.

But before you begin your own vinyl bulkhead installation project, consider the following tips:

  • Getting the appropriate length. The vinyl bulkhead material can be cut according to your desired length. As a good rule of thumb, you'll want as much of the sheet length underground as above. For example, a 14-ft. cut sheet should be installed so that approximately 7 ft. is in the ground and 7 ft. is exposed above. If you have poor soil and are already experiencing extreme erosion, you may consider putting more of the vinyl material below ground.
  • Dig and frame. Use a jackhammer or an auger to dig holes into the ground for the piling framework. Use 2x6 treated timber boards for backfill and to act as a guide so you can install the vinyl sheets straight and even.
  • Use nearby sand to your advantage. If you're installing in sand you can use a trash pump to suck water from the adjacent waterway and blow it out the other end of a firehouse aimed at your work area. This water pressure will jet the sand out of your way and allow the vinyl bulkhead sheets to slide right into place.

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For Vinyl Bulkhead Material, Come to Bayou City Lumber

Bayou City Lumber offers the vinyl bulkhead material that your job requires. Our product is dependable and will control erosion. We are the exclusive distributors for Texas and Louisiana for CMI's ShoreGuard vinyl bulkhead material. Our product is sustainable and cost effective. In addition, our expert technicians can install this material easily. Visit us today and find out what we can do for you.

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