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    Where Can I Find Lumber Yards in Houston?

    Individuals looking for lumber yards in Houston can rely upon Bayou City Lumber. We are located right off of Telephone Rd. and feature a large 8.5 acre lot filled with competitively priced inventory. Whether building a deck or gazebo for a private residence or a bulkhead for fresh water or salt water, our company will have the construction materials needed to complete the project.

    Our company keeps all types of construction material from lumber in various treatment levels, shapes and sizes to vinyl bulkheads in stock at all times. All materials are high quality and come from well-known manufacturers and/or suppliers. In addition to popular construction materials, our company keeps in stock FSC certified lumber. Some resellers are certified to sell FSC lumber, but most do not keep it in stock.

    All items in stock at our lumber yard are competitively priced. Our experienced sales associates are available to provide product recommendations to allow our customers to complete any project. Contact us at Bayou City Lumber to talk with a sales associate about our current selection of inventory.

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    What are the Best Lumber Yards in Houston?

    Bayou City Lumber is the best lumber yard. Our company has earned this distinction because of our extensive inventory of lumber products, experienced sales associates, and ability to provide competitive prices. We keep a number of lumber products ranging from treated and untreated wood to FSC lumber in stock at all times. Our inventory also includes rough cedar lumber, composite decking, pilings, and plywood.

    Our sales associates are some of the most experienced individuals in the lumber industry. We have a combined 100 years of experience. This vast amount of experience allows us to provide customers with product recommendations on deck lumber and other construction materials. Our sales associates can also help with planning a project. Visit us at Bayou City Lumber to see our extensive inventory of lumber products.

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    Where Can I Find Affordable Lumber Yards in Houston?

    Customers looking to purchase affordable lumber and other construction material will find Bayou City Lumber extremely helpful. All of the items in our inventory are competitively priced. This means that customers will find our prices comparable to or lower than our competitors.

    Even though our company offers affordable prices on our inventory, it does not mean we sacrifice quality. We keep in stock at all times an extensive selection of pressure treated lumber from some of the most reliable, well-known manufacturers in the industry. In fact, we have one of the largest lots of inventory, at 8.5 acres, out of all the lumber yards in Houston.

    Whether working on a personal home improvement project or a commercial construction job, we provide customers with the ability to complete almost any project within a specific budget. Contact us at Bayou City Lumber to discuss with a sales associate how our competitively priced and affordable inventory can keep a project on budget.


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    “One of my favorite places to get Quality Lumber”

    Sergio , Houston, TX
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    It's hard to find such quality goods
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    “I LOVE Bayou City. It's hard to find such quality goods and service”

    John , Houston, TX
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    Great customer service as well!
    Love this place

    Love this place! Great customer service as well! I refuse to go anywhere else besides for construction lumber

    Clay , Houston, TX
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Contact Info:

Bayou City Lumber
11106 Telephone Rd, Houston,
TX 77075, United States
Hours Of Operation: 7AM to 5PM


  • September 5, 2016
    Published by Bayou City Lumber

    How to Read Plywood at Lumber Yards Houston

    While you stroll down the plywood aisles at lumber yards Houston, you’ll find a lot of variations in prices and descriptions. Here are a couple of key information codes to help you narrow down your options and buy the best material for your needs:

    Exposure rating: Every piece of plywood has one of three exposure ratings: interior, exterior, or treated. Interior plywood should only be used indoors, while exterior types can withstand some but not all exposure to the elements. Exterior plywood is commonly used in aspects of roof and wall constructions where it can be left unprotected for a week or two during the building phase, but will eventually be covered up and protected against moisture. Treated plywood is capable of withstanding long-term, continual outdoor use.

    Face grade: Each sheet of plywood has two faces, each having a grade of A through E. A and B face grade plywoods are best utilized in situations where good appearances are paramount, while C through E grades should be utilized primarily in structural-type applications, such as in floor and roof sheathing.

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