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    Who Sells Fire Resistant Lumber in Houston?

    Bayou City Lumber has fire resistant lumber available for sale. Our 8.5 acre lot features an abundant inventory of lumber that meets or exceeds the industry standard for fire retardant lumber. Whether the project is for a private residence or a commercial property, our lumber yard will have the construction materials needed to complete any project.

    Many lumber yards in Houston provide customers with the ability to purchase fire retardant materials, but these materials must be special ordered. Our company keeps this type of lumber in stock at all times. We stock both fire resistant timber and plywood in the most popular sizes and lengths. This allows our customers to purchase the materials they need in a timely manner.

    In addition to a ready stock of inventory available for purchase, all of our fire retardant lumber has been rated to meet or exceeds the specifications for obtaining this type of classification. Visit us at Bayou City Lumber to explore our current inventory of non-combustible lumber.

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    Who Offers a Quality Selection of Fire Resistant Lumber?

    Bayou City Lumber offers customers a vast selection of lumber treated with fire retardant. Our current inventory of non-combustible lumber includes a variety of shapes, sizes, and lengths. We keep both timber and plywood in stock at all times that are classified as fire retardant lumber.

    Many local and state building codes require the use of fire retardant lumber. This type of lumber is required for a construction project as it minimizes fires and reduces the possibility of smoke build up. All of our lumber that is classified as fire retardant meets or exceeds the requirements for commercial building codes. Contact us at Bayou City Lumber to talk with a sales associate about our current inventory of fire retardant lumber.

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    When to Use Fire Resistant Lumber for My Construction Project?

    The use of lumber that has been treated with a fire retardant is recommended for a number of different reasons. Fire retardant lumber should be used specifically when an architect or engineer has recommended the use of these materials for a construction project. Architects or engineers may make this request because building codes require the use of this type of material or because the structure that is being built will be near a potential heat source or where there is a possibility of electrical sparking.

    If an architect or engineer is not assisting you with a construction project, our sales associates at Bayou City Lumber can help provide guidance to our customers. Our sales associates can look over plans for a current construction project and determine if fire resistant lumber should be used or if it is acceptable to use traditional deck lumber. Most roofing and refrigerant applications require the use of fire retardant treated lumber. Visit us at Bayou City Lumber to learn more about fire retardant treated lumber.


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What projects should I use Fire Resistant Lumber for?

  • MARCH 3, 2016
    Published by Bayou City Lumber

    We know fire resistant lumber is popular not only for safety’s sake, but also because a lot of building codes require it for many construction projects. Here are just a few projects in which you should opt for fire resistant lumber:

    Wall assemblies, both interior and exterior : If you’re building an addition or constructing a new home or shed from scratch, then best to use fire resistant lumber. In fact, many metropolitan areas require the use of fire resistant lumber for these types of projects because of the wood’s ability to help contain the spread of smoke and fire. This in turn increases the amount of time residents have to evacuate a building and get to safety.

    Outdoor decks and pavilions near heat sources : Do you love a good autumn bonfire? Or can’t imagine a summer without backyard barbecues? Well, if you’re starting a project, such as a backyard deck, that’ll be near either of these or similar backyard heat sources, then you’ll want to use fire resistant lumber. This’ll help contain and stop any fiery mishaps from becoming unwarranted disasters.

    Any roofing applications : Roofs are another type of construction project that frequently requires the use of fire resistant lumber by local building codes. Special fire retardant shakes are particularly important, even in a humid subtropical climate such as Houston. That’s because there’s always the dangerous possibility of an errant firework or flying ember from your neighbor’s bonfire. You can simply never play it too safe when it comes to project your home, family, and belongings.

  • FEBRUARY 3, 2016
    Published by Bayou City Lumber

    Fire resistant lumber undergoes a special chemical process that makes the lumber capable of slowing down and (in some scenarios) completely stopping the spread of fire. Lumber that is marketed as fire resistant has to undergo testing to verify its resistant capabilities.

    The following are just a few of popular projects that people use fire resistant lumber for:

    1) Building codes requiring fire resistance: Fire prevention is a huge concern with construction projects and many local governments have passed a number of codes to reduce the spread of uncontrolled fires. Before you begin construction on a house or other structure, check with the building codes of your county, city, and state to see if fire resistant lumber is one of these fire safety requirements.

    2) Where building close to electrical equipment: Even if local building codes don’t require it, consider using fire resistant lumber with projects with close exposure to electrical sparks. Electrical sparks, whether from tools, appliances, or larger equipment, are a leading cause of building fires. When working in areas or on projects with these items, such a tool shed, kitchen, or attached utility room, it’s best to use fire resistant lumber to circumvent a disaster.

    3) When a project will be near a heat source: If you have a building project that will be near an extreme source of heat, such as a deck near an outdoor kiln, flooring under an oven, or structure next to a heater, best to use fire resistant lumber. That’s because even under the direction of the most cautious operators, accidents can occur and fire resistant lumber is the best way to stop fires.

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