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    When should I consider using Fiberon Decking?

    Whether you're looking to build an extensive backyard deck to host parties or a small veranda just for your evening contemplations, you want a quality product that will last. Fiberon Decking has a ton of great advantages that lends well to a variety of situations. Here is a quick look at when homeowners should consider using Fiberon Decking in their projects:

    When you want sustainability.
    Natural wood is a limited resource that isn't always best suited to intensive outdoor use. For instance, pressure-treated wood suitable for outdoor applications has to be continually treated with harsh chemicals to protect it from degrading throughout its exposure to the elements. Fiberon Decking is comprised of recycled products, making it more environmentally-friendly from the onset. Plus, it doesn't require any maintenance with deck sealants and preservative chemicals, making it also the long-term sustainable products.

    When you want a product that looks like natural wood, without the troubles of real wood.
    One of the biggest criticisms homeowners have had with traditional composite decking materials is its plastic-like appearance. But with Fiberon Decking, that's no longer the case. Fiberon Decking has been designed and manufactured to perfectly mimic real wood designs, going so far as to replicate natural-looking variances in both finish and color. This ties together the benefits of the beauty of real wood with the advantages of low-maintenance composite make-ups. When you want to undertake the project. Not everyone wants to call in and hire a contractor. With Fiberon Decking, installation is easier than ever with included step-by-step instructions, design tools, and a full line of products established for the easy implementation of a full Fiberon decking system.

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    Where Can I Buy Fiberon Decking in Houston?

    Individuals looking to purchase Fiberon decking in Houston can visit the lumber yards at Bayou City Lumber. Our spacious lumber yard always keeps Fiberon composite decking in stock. The Fiberon lumber that is available can be used for deck flooring and deck railings.

    Our company keeps several different types of Fiberon composite decking in stock. Whether the customer is looking for a classic or contemporary look, our current inventory of Fiberon decking will have the color and style needed to achieve the look that is wanted for a particular deck or patio design. Fiberon deck lumber is available in various grain designs, such as traditional wood grain and exotic hardwood, and in various colors. Visit us at Bayou City Lumber today to explore our current inventory of Fiberon decking with one of our experienced sales associates.

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    Fiberon Decking Distributors in Houston?

    There are a number of lumber distributors that offer Fiberon decking in Houston, but only Bayou City Lumber has the experience and current inventory customers want and need. Our lumber yard allows us to keep a vast selection of Fiberon lumber in stock at all times. Customers can browse our inventory for Fiberon composite lumber that comes in various colors, lengths, and styles.

    In addition to having the largest selection of in stock Fiberon composite lumber, our company also has the most experience working with and selling this type of outdoor decking. Our sales associates have a combined 100 years of experience working in the decking and lumber industry. This experience allows us to provide guidance and assistance to customers looking to purchase Fiberon composite decking. We can even provide take home samples of lumber to help customers find that one specific color or style that completes a current decking project. Contact us at Bayou City Lumber to talk with a sales associate about Fiberon composite lumber.


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When should I consider using Fiberon Decking?

  • September 14th, 2015
    Published by Bayou City Lumber

    Fiberon makes a line of wonderful products for flooring and deck projects, and they all are made with recycled materials. By utilizing recycled materials in their production, Fiberon can keep more than 50,000 tons of wood and plastics out of landfills every year.

    They use both local pre- and post-consumer materials and rely on local recycled content that helps sustain local job forces and ensure a strong local economy. Plus, they are able to utilize as much as 98.5% of the waste materials that are generated, meaning cleaner production and less environmental impact.

    Fiberon products have no harmful chemicals, are always produced with state of the art sustainable processes, and takes great pride at being one of the leaders that contribute to LEED and green productions and systems.

  • Who Sells Affordable Fiberon Decking in Houston?
    Published by Bayou City Lumber

    Composite decking from Fiberon is not cheap, but the sturdiness and durability of the material make it a cost effective solution for decking. It is cost effective, because the decking will typically last longer than using traditional pressure treated lumber.

    The price of composite decking from Fiberon will vary depending upon the deck project. Various factors such as color, style, grain design, and size will impact the price of materials. Bayou City Lumber offers customers the best pricing on all Fiberon decking in Houston.

    Our experienced sales staff can help customers explore various colors and styles of Fiberon decking that can help keep a current project within budget. All materials from the deck flooring to the railings are competitively priced and come with a 25 year written manufacturer warranty that protects against warping, rot, and decay. Call us at Bayou City Lumber to talk with a sales associate about pricing for Fiberon lumber.

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