• 10 Reasons To Visit An Expert When Purchasing Deck Lumber

    Posted on October 3rd, 2015 by Aaron Presley

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    One easy way to increase the appeal of backyard living is through the addition of a deck. This can be a tremendous addition to outdoor living space and the visual appeal of a property. There is a fair amount of expense involved with a deck-build and for this reason it is imperative to have professional assistance. Everything comes into play when designing a project.

    This includes factors such as:

    • Material
    • Location
    • Usage
    • Design

    The level of service needed in order to have a smooth, high-quality experience is simply not available everywhere. To obtain the personal, customer-oriented service that is desired, a local expert is needed. Bayou City Lumber fits this description to a tee. They are respected industry experts who have been operating since 1994. For anyone still not sure about the benefits of a specialist, here are ten reasons that they are the only way to go when purchasing deck lumber for a new build.

    1. All needs can be met at one place.

    It can be confounding to run all over town looking for the right material for a job. Experts like Bayou City Lumber can supply everything needed for any deck build, however big or small. Even specialty parts can be attained for unusual builds. This type of convenience can save an immeasurable amount of time and aggravation when it comes to the building process.

    2. Questions will come up, experts have the answers.

    Deck lumber and other building materials are available at a variety of locations. The same cannot be said regarding the answers to specific questions. Anyone who has tackled a project such as building a deck knows that, at some point, an answer to a specific question will be needed. At this juncture it is reassuring to have a respected industry expert to approach with any problem.

    3. It matters whether a deck is built with wood or composite lumber.

    There are pros and cons to any surface that a deck can be built with. It should not be an arbitrary decision which material will be used in a build. A careful description of an intended project will generally give an expert the information they need to make an informed recommendation. Using the wrong material can create a headache for the builder as well as exponentially increasing the cost of a project.

    4. Not all wood products are created equal.

    For decks where wood is the chosen building material, the type of wood matters a great deal. For looks and functionality, it is imperative that a builder start with the right materials for their project. Industry experts offer top-of-the-line products including the highest quality wooden deck lumber. As an example, Bayou City Lumber offers a variety of different types of wood, all of them being high quality. Some of the options offered by Bayou City Lumber include treated yellow pine (available in kiln-dried), rough or smooth cedar planks, and Brazilian hardwood. This gives the builder almost endless options for innovation. Custom products are also available by special request in many cases.

    5. Brand and quality matter with composite decking.

    Composite decking can be a great choice for some projects. There are a large number of factors that determine the quality of composite  deck lumber. One of the most trusted, highest quality choices in composite decking is Fiberon. Composite decking from Fiberon has a look that is almost identical to real wood. It is also a durable surface that is easy for the owner to take care of. Many industry experts prefer Fiberon over other composite decking due to the beauty and quality of their product. This product can be purchased from Bayou City Lumber, an elite distributor for Fiberon composite decking products.

    6. Some areas have issues with excessive moisture.

    There are many properties where moisture is an issue for a variety of reasons. Factors can include:

    • Heavy Rainfall
    • High Water-Table
    • Proximity to Water i.e. Waterfront Property
    • Grading Issues

    Depending on the cause of a wet property, there could be some prep work that will need to be done before a deck can be built. In other cases, property owners may be unable or unwilling to make changes. This will mean that they need building materials that can stand up to a great deal of exposure to wetness. Whether the solution is prepping property before a build or finding a specialized product, an expert on deck products can help.

    7. Constant sun exposure can be damaging to many surfaces.

    Similar to wet property shortening the lifespan of a deck, sun exposure can be damaging as well. The length and amount of exposure to sun must be taken into consideration when deciding on a location to build a deck. Deciding on a mix of sun-versus-shade can be difficult, as being located near trees presents its own set of hazards. Experts like those at Bayou City Lumber will be able to give customers an educated opinion on the placement of a deck. Wherever the customer decides to put the deck, they can trust that an experienced supplier will also be able to provide the most durable and appropriate material for the situation.

    8. Proper fasteners are imperative to the safety and stability of decking.

    While most of the focus when planning a deck is on the lumber, the fasteners hold the whole thing together. Different materials and environments will require different fasteners, but quality is of the utmost importance. Builders should look for a trusted product, such as GRK Fasteners. A high-quality fastener will make a great deal of difference to the integrity of a deck, this fact should not be discounted.

    9. The right tools for the job can make all the difference.

    Before a deck building project is started, the builder should be sure that they have the proper equipment. Many of the required tools are fairly generic, but some of the uses are high-stress. One example of this is a project involving tropical hardwood deck lumber. This type of wood is very hard and it can be damaging to tools that are not up to the task. Checking with an industry expert can save builders from wasting time or potentially incurring cost from damage to tools.

    10. Experts have training and certifications that others do not.

    Part of what makes working with industry leaders special is that they have advanced training and experience. This means that in addition to the traditional knowledge gained over time, they have gone above and beyond to keep themselves on the cutting edge of the business. Bayou City Lumber is a prime example of this idea as they hold multiple certifications and partnerships with other industry leaders. They show their commitment to environmental preservation and renewability with certifications from the Rainforest Alliance and the Forest Stewardship Council. In addition, several members of the team at Bayou City Lumber are LEED certified, meaning that they are up to date on green building techniques.

    Working with industry experts on a deck building project has many advantages. Contact the professionals at Bayou City Lumber for more details.

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