• 3 Great Uses for Rough Cedar Lumber Around Your Home

    [Posted on February 18th, 2015 by Aaron Presley]

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    One of the best things about rough cedar lumber is that it gives off a truly rustic look. But some of the most common questions we are asked about it is just what it can be used for. The answer? Tons of things! To narrow it down a bit, here are three projects to add to your home improvement list that utilize this remarkable type of wood.

    #1: Building a New Deck

    Adding a new deck to your home is a wonderful way to extend your outdoor living space. Using rough cedar lumber to do it makes it even better. The durability of the cedar combined with a rustic, natural look turns an ordinary deck platform into something amazing. Imagine entertaining guests and firing up the grill while standing on your very own cedar deck. (Sounds great, doesn’t it?)

    #2: Creating a Lovely Gazebo

    Another great project with cedar timbers is building a lovely gazebo on your property. Again, the durability of the wood and the beautiful coloring make it an excellent choice for this type of application. In addition, the rough knots and unique look of the unfinished wood provide character that you won’t see anywhere else.

    #3: Upgrading Your Backyard Fencing

    Another use for rough cedar is to update your backyard fencing. You can easily use planks to create a beautiful and effective privacy fence. Or consider pairing posts with or without chain length fencing for an ultra elegant look. There are quite a few ways to do this, which leaves the whole project up to your imagination.

    In short, rough cedar lumber can be used in a wide variety of different ways around your home. While these are just three specific instances, there are many more possibilities to choose from. Consider building deck furniture, a dog house for your canine companion, a new porch, or just about anything else. It is also available in a range of lengths and thicknesses to suit your needs.

    At Bayou City Lumber, we are dedicated to helping you find the right wood for your latest projects. We offer treated lumber, deck wood, house pilings, and much more. We can even help you with those hard to find items. Please visit our lumberyard today for more information.

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