• 3 Reasons to Consider Using Fire Resistant Lumber

    [Posted on November 23rd, 2014 by Aaron Presley]

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    There is no way to 100% prevent a fire from starting. It is just impossible. However, there are ways to slow down the spread of a fire if it should unexpectedly start. Using fire resistant lumber when building a home or a deck is one example of how this is done.

    This type of lumber has gone through a chemical process. The chemical process will slow down, or occasionally stop completely, any fire that comes into contact with the lumber. This lumber has been tested to verify that this happens.

    Fire resistant lumber can be used for a number of different reasons. The following are three reasons why you would consider using this type of lumber for a current project.

    Building Codes Require the Use of This Type of Lumber

    Many building codes require the use of lumber that is treated with a fire resistant chemical. This is required as it offers a certain level of protection to those who are living in or using the structure.

    Building codes vary depending upon the state, city, and county where the structure is being built. If you are building a current structure or home, the architect or builder should be able to advise you on whether the building codes require the use of this lumber.

    Close Exposure to Electrical Sparks

    Electrical sparks, from appliances or tools, can cause fires. Buildings where appliances or tools are used that may cause electrical sparks should be built with lumber that is fire resistant.

    Even if the local building code does not require the use of this lumber, it can still be used. In fact, many individuals who know that electrical sparking may be occurring will use lumber that is fire resistant as a precaution.

    Close Exposure to a Heat Source

    Extreme sources of heat, such as ovens, kilns, and heaters, can sometimes overheat and cause an extremely destructive fire. When these items are used in a building, it is often recommended that lumber be used that has been treated and tested for fire resistance.

    Fire resistant lumber can be extremely helpful in preventing the spread of fires should one start. These are just some of the many examples of why this type of lumber should be used. Sales associates at our lumber yard, Bayou City Lumber, can help determine whether your project could benefit from the use of lumber or bulkhead material that is fire resistant.

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