• 3 Reasons to Fence Your Backyard with Treated Pilings

    [Posted on February 25th, 2015 by Aaron Presley]

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    At Bayou City Lumber, we are often asked about the benefits of using treated pilings for backyard fencing. Many homeowners love the look of the poles and want to know whether they would be a good option for their yard.

    While the benefits are numerous, we’ve narrowed it down to a short list. Here are three reasons to fence your backyard with treated lumber.

    #1: Treatment Prevents Warping and Twisting

    One of the best parts about using treated pilings for your backyard fencing is that they are designed to prevent warping and twisting. This keeps your fence looking great for years of weather exposure without losing its shape. It also keeps any fitting points secure without having the issue of popping screws or loose rails. This is extremely important if your fence is designed to keep children or pets in and other creatures out.

    #2: Treatment Provides Extended Durability Against Water Damage

    Another reason to select treated lumber for your fence is that it provides extended durability against water damage. While you may not live in an area that forces your fence to have regular water contact from a river or stream, you might be surprised how a misplaced sprinkler head or irrigation drip can cause serious damage to your wood fence. By using treated lumber, you can help minimize rot and other damage.

    #3: Treatment Extends the Life of the Fence

    To put it simply, the treatment used on the wood extends the overall life of the fence. This means that you will have a sturdy structure free from rotting and other damage for many years to come. For many homeowners, building a fence is a cost that can only be afforded once in a decade or two. By using treated wood, you can ensure that your fence stays strong for the entire period.

    While these are just three of many reasons to utilize this type of wood for your fence, they are some of the most important. Other reasons include creating a rustic visual aesthetic and an economical cost. In fact, ranchers have been using pilings as a way to contain livestock and create other sturdy barriers for years.

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