• 3 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Choose Fire Resistant Lumber for Homebuilding Projects

    [Posted on January 27th, 2015 by Aaron Presley]

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    Choosing the right lumber is more than just making sure that the boards you purchase are free of warps, cracks and knot holes. As a homeowner, you also want to know that any wood or deck lumber you choose for your project will add beauty and value to your home, have a long life span and be safe for your family. If you are planning to add a deck to your home or do some other type project, here are three reasons why choosing fire resistant lumber is the right way to go.

    One: Building Codes

    Many areas now have state or local ordinances or building codes that regulate the type of lumber used in any type of home construction project, including later additions, decks and other structures. In some areas, home construction projects that were done with unapproved lumber or materials can damage the home’s resale value, as well as be subject to fines or demolition orders. To make sure your project is totally compliant, always check with your state and local authorities and get the proper permits, inspections and documentation.

    Two: Added Safety in Areas Subjected to Heat or Flames

    Areas in the home that are subject to excessive heat or flames should always utilize the proper fire resistant lumber. This includes kitchen walls and flooring, as well as the walls and floors in rooms that have freestanding wood or pellet stoves, gas or wood fireplaces or fireplace inserts. In addition, decks and wooden patios, where grills will be used, are excellent areas for the use of fire resistant lumber.

    Three: Lessen Damage to the Overall Structure During A Fire

    Even home fires that are extinguished quickly and limited to a small area of the home can do extensive damage. When conventional lumber is subjected to the extreme temperatures of the fire and then quickly cooled by the water, it can buckle or twist out of shape and position, even if it was not actually damaged by the flames. This twisting action can cause the stucture to heave out of alignment, causing severe damage throughout the home. Using fire resistant lumber not only reduces the risk of accidental fires in the home, but also helps prevent the collateral damage of twisted or buckled wood.

    These are just a few of the many reasons why choosing fire resistant lumber is the safe choice for all your home building projects. Bayou City Lumber can help you choose exactly what you need for any size or type project. Why not stop in today or visit our website for more information? You’ll be glad — and safer — for doing so!

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