• 3 Reasons to Utilize House Pilings for Your New Beach or Lake House

    [Posted on February 4th, 2015 by Aaron Presley]

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    Are you building a new home on the water? Then you might want to consider pilings (also referred to as stilts) as part of your plan. House pilings are one of the most tried and tested foundation structures around. For centuries, builders have used this type of lumber to help protect homes where water could easily damage the base of the structure.

    Here are three reasons to utilize house pilings for your new beach or lake house.

    #1: Added Stability in Poor Soil Conditions

    Soil near bodies of water can often be sandy or otherwise unstable. Even areas with clay-like soil can expand and shrink depending on the weather and time of year. Surface erosion can cause major issues for masonry and/or concrete foundations. Even some marshy areas will require this type of construction. By utilizing pilings, which are driven into the deep subsurface of the soil, you can make sure your home’s foundation is firm. This will help keep bigger problems at bay in the future, such as cracking walls and instability.

    #2: Your Property is Listed in a Flood Zone

    If your new home is near a body of water, chances are it might be in a flood zone. In this case, you will be required to use house pilings during construction. This keeps the home at a slightly more elevated level and will help protect it in the event of a flooding situation. (Hence, the “stilt” like appearance you see in some coastal areas.)

    #3: You Want to Ensure the Most Stable Foundation Possible

    Unlike shallow masonry and concrete foundations, pilings are driven deep into the ground to provide one of the most stable foundations possible. Some builders even prefer this type of design as it nearly eliminates most foundation issues as the home ages.

    In most cases, your engineer or architect will be the one to make the suggestion to use pilings. However, other details including the shape of the piling and the type of finish will often be up to your builder. To learn more about what is best for your particular house plan and lot location, you will want to speak with your design and build team directly.

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