• 3 Ways to Increase Home Value With Deck Lumber

    [Posted on March 23rd, 2015 by Aaron Presley]

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    Homeowners are often concerned about increasing their home’s value for purposes of selling, refinances or simply improving on their initial home investment. Homes are one type of investment that most people can hope to recoup what they have put in and hope to actually recoup more than they initially invested. Some home improvements are super easy and require little more than some deck lumber.

    1. Attic Bedrooms

    Many homes have a vast expanse of unused space in the attic area. This space is usually cited to be used for storage, however, many home owners find that this space can be better used as an extra bedroom. Bedrooms are in high demand, and converting a dusty old attic into a bedroom is a fairly easy, fairly inexpensive home improvement that can really increase your home’s value and functionality. One of the reasons that converting an attic into a bedroom is more cost effective than simply adding on an addition to your home is that you will not need to go through the trouble of putting in additional foundation space, but rather will be using the existing roughed in space. Most people can look to recoup at 83% of the project cost if they look to sell their home.

    2. Decks

    Decks prove to be a great investment for homeowners because on average you look to recoup at 81% of your project cost which is usually not very high considering some of the great deals you can get on deck lumber. For reselling purposes a wood deck addition made with vinyl bulkhead material appeals to the new thrift conscious home buyers who are looking for homes where they can spend more time at home with family. Great outdoor amenities like decks make this possible. Decks are a great addition to consider if you are limited on your project budget. Decks generally will not require additional foundation, no walls, no insulation, heating or cooling cost. Despite the small amount of materials that go into a new wood deck, the increase of home value is great.

    3. Steel Entry Doors

    Entry doors are one of the first things that will make an impression on a possible buyer if you are looking to sell your home. Steel entry doors are also a great way to make your home way more energy efficient. Homeowners can look to recoup an astounding 129% of their investment on steel entry doors if they are looking to sell their homes.

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