• 4 Circumstances That Require You To Check The Durability Of Bulkhead Material

    [Posted on January 5th, 2015 by Aaron Presley]

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    Bulkhead material such as pressure treated wood is commonly used for retaining walls to keep soil on the property as well as prevent lakes, rivers and oceans from eroding the soil from the shoreline. While retaining walls are erected to last for several years, weather and other issues can compromise the durability and strength of the wall. You should perform annual inspections of the retaining wall to look for problems or defects that could cause it to fail. Here are 4 circumstances on when you should have the wall checked.

    1: Boating Accidents

    Watercraft, barges and floating debris can come in too close to the retaining wall. If there has been a recent accident, you should have the wall inspected to check for any structural issues that could cause it to collapse. If you require parts of the retaining wall to be repaired, let our experts here at Bayou City Lumber provide you with the materials you need.

    2: Sinking Soil or Deck

    Another telltale sign of problems with the bulkhead material on the retaining wall is if you see a section of the soil dip drastically from the rest of the level ground. If you have Fiberon decking stretching out over the retaining wall, you may see the deck boards slump downward or the planks feel shaky when you walk across the floor.

    3: Harsh Weather and Natural Disasters

    Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and tropical storms can batter against the bulkhead material, causing it to wear out faster or completely fail. If you have experienced a natural disaster that could have affected the stability of the retaining wall, it should be looked at as soon as possible. Perform the inspection on the first day when there is clear weather so you are not at risk of getting injured.

    4: Improper Installation

    You should check the retaining wall occasionally after installation to spot problems that could be related to poor labor quality or defective materials. If the materials are defective, come to Bayou City Lumber as we can give you the bulkhead material that will work better than the previous material ordered from other companies. We can also locate difficult-to-find beams or get you customized materials for the type of retaining wall that is needed for your residential or commercial property.

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