• 6 Things To Look For In House Pilings

    [Posted on November 30th, 2014 by Aaron Presley]

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    There are all sorts of different types of house pilings. You need to know why you need them before you can begin buying them. When you know what to look for within the lumber yard, it will be easier to buy with confidence.


    Various sizes of house pilings exist. You may need small ones to help with the damage from earthquakes or other disasters or you may need large ones based upon the size of the foundation that you are building. If you’re not sure of the size, it’s best to talk to someone from the lumber yard to guide you to what you need.


    Many kinds of lumber are available. You may need rough cedar lumber or something else. Each type of wood is going to vary based upon the hardness, level of porousness, color, and more. Much of it has to do with whether you will be treating it in one way or another down the road.


    You may require the house pilings to be waterproof or at least capable of withstanding a considerable amount of moisture. Particularly if you are building a stilt home that is going to encounter water on a daily or near daily basis, the wood needs to be treated so you don’t experience warping and rot.

    Fire Retardant

    The last thing you want to do is build a home with pilings only to encounter a fire and watch everything burn down to the ground. You can buy wood that is fire retardant so that it offers another level of protection. This is available at Bayou City Lumber along with wood that has been treated for various other environments.


    The quality of the wood is important. Not all lumber yards have the same quality. This has to do with the type of trees the wood has been cut from as well as how the wood is stored at the yard. Working with a company that has a high reputation is critical.


    Usage is going to come into play with house pilings as well. What you use the wood for is going to impact what you actually by. Working with a professional at Bayou City Lumber will ensure you get what you need.

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