• 6 Ways Fiberon Decking Can Beautify Your Home

    Fiberon decking is an alternative to natural wood products that is made from a unique composite of wood fibers and recycled plastic compounds. It features the aesthetics of natural wood, including subtle variances in color and realistic grain patterns, but, unlike the natural product, it is extremely durable and not subject to warping, rot, splintering or cracking. It is waterproof and requires minimal maintenance, unlike natural materials that must be constantly resealed and replaced when they become damaged. Additionally, Fiberon decking is UV resistant and will not fade with exposure to the sun, and it features a generous warranty of 25 years on most products, and a lifetime warranty on others.

    Here are a few ways Fiberon decking and related products can be used to beautify your home:

    #1 Creating the Perfect Deck

    A backyard deck is the perfect place to relax during the warm summer weather, to entertain friends and family with plenty of open space and comfortable seating, and to cook exciting meals on the grill or with an outdoor kitchen during the warmer months. It can become a natural extension of your home, and the primary focal point for outdoor activities.

    With Fiberon decking, it is easy to create the perfect backyard deck for your home, with a variety of colors and styles available to fit your décor. Fiberon decking installs just as easily as wood decking, and can be cut and shaped as required to fit your design. With available design assistance and optional accessories, you can create a unique look for your home that attracts attention and encourages your guests to enjoy the outdoors.

    Fiberon decking lasts far longer than natural wood and it resists damage from moisture, insects, fungal growth and the sun. It requires very little maintenance, only a simple wash and rinse every year, and unlike wood products, it will not crack or splinter, causing injuries to bare feet. As a composite material, it is made from scrap wood and recycled plastics, making it a sustainable product, and it uses no formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals, ensuring that it is safe for your family, your pets and the environment.

    #2 Adding Style and Color

    Fiberon decking is available in seven different product lines that each feature a unique color disbursement and grain pattern, and several available finishes. The Horizon Symmetry collection offers the most natural wood look, with three available colors, including Burnt Umber, Cinnabar and Warm Sienna. The Horizon collection features the striking looks of exotic hardwoods, with five standard colors. The Paramount PVC collection is available in six colors, and offers unique color streaking and a long-lasting finish. Available in three colors each, the ProTect Advantage offers subtle color streaking, while the Sanctuary series is more pronounced, and the Good Life series offers a selection of solid colors. The colors and styles can be mixed and matched within each series to create contrasting elements, and some collections can be used interchangeably to create unique designs.

    #3 Creating a Pool Surround

    Fiberon decking can be used to create a deck around above ground pools to surround the pool and make it more convenient to use, while also concealing its structure and mechanical equipment. This creates the perfect spot to place lounge chairs, tables and other furniture, and makes the pool an attractive and functional part of the backyard. It can also increase the safety of the pool with the appropriate railings, fencing, gates and other components to prevent unauthorized access and potential accidents.

    #4 Installing Stylish Railings

    You can finish off your deck and pool surrounds by adding a color-coordinated, stylish set of railings, which are available in five different product collections, with an assortment of colors and available fill selections. The Symmetry railing and the Horizon railing are designed to complement the Symmetry and Horizon deck products, with three colors available in the Symmetry series and four in the Horizon. The Natural series is designed to look like real wood and is available in Mahogany or Redwood finishes, and the SelectHome series offers several railing styles with three natural wood color selections and a few solid colors. The Good Life railings are solid white in color and are designed to complement the Good Life series of decking products. The railings can be filled with a choice of metal or solid-colored square balusters, or clear inserts for an unimpeded view.

    #5 Adding Lighting to Your Deck

    Fiberon offers an assortment of energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly LED fixtures that can be added to your deck to increase safety and provide a unique look after dark. Post cap lights use less than a watt of electricity and are available in several colors to fit on top of standard posts. Post sleeve lights mount to the face of the post, pointing downwards to light the length of the post, marking walkways and creating ambient light. Stair lights create plenty of light to make stairways easier to find and navigate after dark, and accent lights can be placed anywhere and used to selectively light desired areas and features. These fixtures can be used in various combinations to create the perfect amount of ambient light, or to create dramatic and attractive patterns that complement the design of your home.

    #6 Installing Fencing

    In addition to composite decking, Fiberon also makes composite fencing products for security, privacy and aesthetic purposes. Like the decking, Fiberon fencing requires very little maintenance, and is not damaged by moisture, insects, the sun or fungal growth. Their privacy fence is available with either square or dog-eared pickets, in 8-foot sections with three natural-looking wood finishes. Also available is a Gothic-style fence, in assembled sections or as individual components, as well as ranch-style fencing, with separate posts and rails. Both are available in three natural finishes, with an assortment of available accessories to complete the design.

    By combining Fiberon decking with its many available accessories and related products, you can create the perfect backyard design to beautify your home, relax on hot summer days and entertain guests.





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