• Add Charm to Your Home with Rough Cedar Lumber

    [Posted on April 11th, 2013 by Aaron Presley]

    Homeowners wishing to build equity in their homes in addition to increasing the resale value of the homes would do well to consider upgrades using rough cedar lumber. The first thing realtors tell homeowners to keep in mind regarding resale value is "curb appeal." When a buyer sees the home for the first time, they need to be impressed enough by the exterior to want to see the inside. New rough cedar lumber will do this. When prospective buyers view the inside of the home, they will be pleased with cedar trim around the doors and windows.

    Cedar for the Interior

    Rough cedar lumber possesses qualities ideally suited to indoor use. Homes paneled in cedar or with cedar ceilings are better insulated. Homes built with rough cedar lumber have a 48% energy-saving status higher than ordinary framed homes. Not only is cedar great insulation but it is sound proof as well. Cedar contains oils that repel pests and termites. The oils also make the wood impervious to water, rot and decay. Cedar is also mildew-resistant which makes the wood durable to the tune of years past the life expectancy of other woods.

    Hardwood floors are also a major factor that help to sell a house. If the house is paneled in rough cedar lumber, cedar trim around the windows, and doors of cedar as well as being floored with cedar, the homeowner will have increased the resale value exponentially. The buyer who is savvy to cedar’s wondrous properties will appreciate the homeowner’s efforts.

    Cedar for the Exterior

    If cedar improved the inside of the house, it will captivate potential buyers on the outside of the house. A cedar deck or pergola, wooden plant boxes and wood surrounding a spa will also help to sell a house. Cedar decks, fences, plant boxes and spa surrounds will age beautifully. Cedar does not require paint. It contains enough natural oils to prevent harmful chemicals such as arsenic, found in finishes of other woods and plastics, from poisoning bodies seated at tables.

    Cedar’s innate ability to repel water makes it the ideal choice for decking and outdoor furniture. Water simply beads on the furniture, then evaporates. Cedar furniture will be cooler to sit on unlike furniture made from other woods.


    Rough cedar lumber is used to make indoor furniture as well as deck furniture. Cedar is a lighter wood, due to its porous makeup and, as a result, moving furniture around the house won’t be as difficult as with heavier woods. Moreover, a home paneled with hardwood floors of cedar or with cedar beams on the ceilings and cedar trim on windows or doors will have a lovely deep red sheen.

    Cedar is a practical wood to invest in for your home due to its durability, versatility, and aesthetic properties. Perfect for any climate, this wood will naturally repel insects and keep the members of your household safe from chemicals that are used to treat other types of wood. Cedar will add a lasting finish to your home which will add warmth as well as increase its resale value.

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