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    [Posted on July 25th, 2013 by Aaron Presley]

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    At Bayou City Lumber we pride ourselves as one of the most specialized lumber yards in Houston. That’s why builders come to us when their project calls for fire resistant lumber . They know we have treated lumber in all the stock sizes, as well as plywood and flooring.

    With summer upon us we can expect wildfires and lightning-caused fires to be breaking out. While no materials are guaranteed to make your house indestructible in the face of flames, building with fire retardant lumber does give you a fighting chance. By it’s very nature, this specially treated wood burns slower, allowing you more time to flee and giving fire fighters more time to arrive.

    It is well-known that smoke inhalation leads to more deaths in a fire than burns, and since resistant lumber slows down the spread of flames, it retards the development of smoke, reducing your chances of inhaling smoke and toxic gases..Considering this, it’s easy to understand the need for retardant-treated wood in commercial applications where hundreds and thousands of lives are at stake. We need only look at the lives lost in the recent garment industry fires in Bangladesh where 112 lives were lost to see how quickly fire can spread through untreated wood.

    An article by Craig R. Macintyre in The Standardization News delves into the development of fire retardant chemicals and looks at how the ASTM standards used to test the fire resistant properties of treated lumber and plywood have impacted and expanded the building industry’s use of approved wood material to meet building safety codes.

    So why do so many contractors and builders bypass all the other lumber yards in Houston and come to Bayou City Lumber? We could say it’s because of our staff’s 100 years of combined construction industry experience, or our quality connections in the industry and that would be true but it’s just part of our story. They know we have a expansive inventory to cover all their needs whether their project involves bulkheads or bridges, decks or docks, They know we’re their one stop site for the high quality materials they require for everything from a simple backyard renovation to supplying a block wide commercial site.

    Not many lumber yards in Houston offer 8.5 acres of pillars, poles, and timbers but we didn’t start out that way. Bayou City Lumber has been in Houston since 1994 and originally we dealt only in timbers. Never in that time have we taken forests for granted. So we’re proud to say we believe and support responsible forestry management. To that end, we have met all the certification standards required by both the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance.

    We plan to be here a long time; so no matter what your project, there’s no need to traipse through all the lumber yards in Houston. You’ll find it here at Bayou City Lumber.

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