• Choosing the Right Type of Ranch Fencing

    [Posted on June 6th, 2013 by Aaron Presley]

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    The right type of ranch fencing can make a big difference when dealing with livestock. Ranchers know that different types of livestock need different types of fence to keep them safe and secure. Securing livestock prevents them from wandering about and possibly getting injured. Fencing should be durable and sturdy enough to prevent animals from leaning into it and causing it to give.

    Large animals – Large animals like cattle and horses need fences made of heavier materials. Thick posts placed within a few feet of each other and strong metal fencing or wood slats must be adequately secured to prevent animals from pushing them over or busting through them. Fences designed to confine larger animals may have to be made higher than regular fences.

    Small animals – Smaller animals do well with lighter weight ranch fencing. Smaller animals are less likely to be able to jump the fence or push it over. If metal fencing is used, smaller openings may have to be used to keep little animals enclosed in the fenced in area. Ducks, chickens and geese can often squeeze through larger holes and run the risk of being trampled by larger animals.

    Crops – Individuals who work in lumber yards in Houston can help ranchers and farmers find the right type of fence to keep animals in or out of their fields. Crops must be protected from livestock and wild animals who may wander into them and feed on the produce growing there. Fences that are used to protect crops from wild animals are mostly made of lighter weight and inexpensive materials.

    Paddocks – Paddocks are used for training purposes and rarely hold animals for long periods of time. Ranch fencing used to build paddocks is normally made of sturdy posts and wood slats. This type of fencing needs to be sturdy enough to prevent an animal from taking off, but it doesn’t have to be able to hold them for long periods of time. Composite or recycled lumber is a good choice for paddocks and training pens.

    Privacy Fences – Privacy fences that surround yards and swimming pools are normally made of treated wood. Wood slats are much taller and made to fit together in such a way as to obstruct the view of someone who is attempting to look through the fence and see into the yard. Privacy fences can be made out of composite materials or vinyl. They are extremely durable and if treated properly can last for several years.

    Ranch fencing takes various forms and can be made of many types of materials, Traditional wood, composite, recycled lumbar and vinyl are options that can be considered. The budget of the rancher and the type of animals being secured will determine the type of materials used and how the fence is to be constructed. Whether the fencing is to be used for crops, livestock or to protect the family’s privacy, the right materials can make the difference.

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