• Comparing Different Types of Bulkhead Material

    [Posted on February 6th, 2014 by Aaron Presley]

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    Bulkhead material is used in the construction of a barrier between a body of water and the land that surrounds it, intended for preventing and controlling soil erosion and subsequent possible flooding.

    When building a bulkhead, also commonly called a seawall, there are different options that may be considered for construction materials. The two primary types of material that you’ll have to choose from are vinyl or wood.

    You’ll want to choose the best option for your intended property and project. For instance house pilings are often considered ideal for many waterside residential properties, while some may prefer the use of vinyl products for the same purpose. Cost and other logistical factors, such as availability of supplies, will also need to be considered in making the right choice for your bulkhead construction project.

    Vinyl Materials

    Bulkhead materials made from vinyl have been a popular choice in recent years, as they have a generally long life expectancy, being both synthetic and hardy in nature. Vinyl has taken precedence amongst much of the construction industry since its invention in the 1920s. It is common choice for siding and flooring in many home and commercial construction projects and makes a great choice in bulkhead material for the same reasons.

    Vinyl materials tend to last around 50 years, before requiring replacement. They are more expensive upfront but also require less maintenance and repair than other products, making them an arguably more money-efficient option in the long run.

    Wood Materials

    Bulkhead materials made from wood have historically been the go-to choice for constructing quality seawalls to prevent the erosive effects of water against soil, often encountered by the owners of seaside properties. House pilings are the common wooden material used in building bulkheads and may include beams used to construct piers, as well as stilts and other waterfront structure materials.

    Pilings are pressure treated for enhanced strength and durability and are less expensive initial investments than vinyl materials. They also make for a more eco-friendly approach to bulkhead material.

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