• August 25th, 2015

    Cedar wood is one of the natural world’s greatest treasures. This wood is valuable in so many ways that it is hard to categorize them all. Nevertheless, here is a rundown on the most notable:

    It is resistant to Mother Nature – In addition to withstanding the worst of the wind, the rain and the sun, rough cedar lumber is naturally insect-resistant. In fact, its naturally occurring smell and properties will also help shield nearby materials from the worst of pest infestations.

    Wood is sustainable – Cedar grows particularly quickly – most varieties grow by two feet or more each season – making it one of the lumberyards’ favorite woods. In addition, it is also quite durable. These two facts combine to create a wood that generally outlasts its use before a new tree is fully mature. Simply put, cedar is the most sustainable tree on the planet.

    It also colors well – Cedar is naturally resin-free – this fact makes it ideal for accepting and holding a wide range of finishes from whitening bleaches and dark stains to any of the traditional solid colors.

    For more information on the benefits of rough cedar lumber and other woods, please contact us at Bayou City Lumber. You will always find us online at BayouCityLumber.com or you can reach us directly at 866-504-8529.

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