• August 29, 2016

    Best Tips for Working with Pressure Treated Lumber

    Wood labeled as pressure treated lumber has undergone a specialized process to force chemical preservatives deep into its core. These preservatives are chosen for their ability to protect the wood from insect attacks, fungal decay, moisture intrusion, and other issues. However, while pressure treated lumber is ideal for its longevity, these preservatives can be toxic to other animals and humans if proper care isn’t followed during installation.

    Consider the following best tips for safely working with pressure treated lumber:

    • Always wear gloves when handling pressure treated wood and wash hands and forearms before eating or drinking.
    • Always wear safety glasses and a dust mask when cutting, drilling, or sanding pressure treated lumber.
    • Always cut wood outdoors or in an otherwise open and well-ventilated space.
    • Treated lumber must be thoroughly dried before it can be stained or painted. You can test the dryness of the wood by sprinkling the surface with water. If it beads up, then the wood is too wet and must be allowed to dry. If the water quickly soaks into the wood, then it is dry and ready for staining or painting.
    • Wood shrinks the more it dries out. It’s important to anticipate such shrinkage before buying or laying out wood for decks, fencing, and similar projects to prevent unwanted gaps.
    • Drill pilot holes prior to putting in a nail or screw to prevent splitting the wood. This is particularly important whenever working near the edges of a board.

    Pressure treated lumber is rated according to the amount and type of chemical preservatives used in the treatment process. Lumber that has been rated for ‘Above Ground Use’ is ideal for use in projects where it won’t be touching the ground, such as with fence boards or stair railings. Lumber rated as ‘Ground Contact’ can be used be installed directly in or on the ground, such as with fence stakes; while lumber that’s rated for ‘Marine Use’ can be used for projects like bulkheads or dock building. There is also specially formatted lumber that is okay for indoor use and that’s been specifically treated for fire retardation.

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