• Best Use for Treated Pilings in Houston?

    Wood pilings are used to provide support for large superstructures. Superstructures, which can include anything from retaining walls and large ranch fencing to piers and housing structures, need extra support in order to prevent them from falling or collapsing. Pilings provide the extra support needed to prevent structures from crumbling, falling, or collapsing.

    Wood pilings, especially those that have been treated with chemicals, are often used in the Houston area for docks, retaining walls, and piers. Treated pilings in Houston are used where the wooden piling will be either partially or wholly immersed in water. The treated wood will be stronger and is less likely to warp as a direct result of being exposed to the water for prolonged periods of time.

    We at Bayou City Lumber provide an extensive range of inventory on wood pilings that is not only high quality, but long lasting. Our sales associates will work with clients to make sure the lumber that is purchased will be able to withstand the type of environment it will be used in. Visit us at Bayou City Lumber to explore our current inventory of treated wood pilings and discuss with an experienced sales associate what the best use for the pilings might be for a current project.

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