• MARCH 3, 2016

    We know fire resistant lumber is popular not only for safety’s sake, but also because a lot of building codes require it for many construction projects. Here are just a few projects in which you should opt for fire resistant lumber:

    Wall assemblies, both interior and exterior : If you’re building an addition or constructing a new home or shed from scratch, then best to use fire resistant lumber. In fact, many metropolitan areas require the use of fire resistant lumber for these types of projects because of the wood’s ability to help contain the spread of smoke and fire. This in turn increases the amount of time residents have to evacuate a building and get to safety.

    Outdoor decks and pavilions near heat sources : Do you love a good autumn bonfire? Or can’t imagine a summer without backyard barbecues? Well, if you’re starting a project, such as a backyard deck, that’ll be near either of these or similar backyard heat sources, then you’ll want to use fire resistant lumber. This’ll help contain and stop any fiery mishaps from becoming unwarranted disasters.

    Any roofing applications : Roofs are another type of construction project that frequently requires the use of fire resistant lumber by local building codes. Special fire retardant shakes are particularly important, even in a humid subtropical climate such as Houston. That’s because there’s always the dangerous possibility of an errant firework or flying ember from your neighbor’s bonfire. You can simply never play it too safe when it comes to project your home, family, and belongings.

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