• May 14th, 2016

    project. Here’s a quick look at two of the more popular types of bulkhead material to help you choose the right material for your job:

    • Wooden Bulkhead Materials:
      People have been using wood in marine construction projects for centuries. Today, this is still a primary material choice for its beauty, versatility, and inexpensiveness; wooden bulkhead pilings can be as much as 50 percent cheaper than vinyl and steel pilings in both installation and maintenance.
    • Vinyl Bulkhead Materials:
      Exciting breakthroughs in the polymer industry has lead to the engineering of attractive vinyl bulkhead materials. Vinyl sheeting has become a prime choice for seawalls and bulkheads due to its strong, weatherable design, resistance to insects and marine degradation, and low conductivity. Such low conductivity is ideal for those storing boats nearby as it won’t act as a grounding element.
    • Steel Bulkhead Materials:
      Steel bulkheads and seawalls are incredibly durable and require no maintenance, making them a great choice for property owners who see heavy swells regularly. However, steel bulkhead materials are more expensive than other options and will eventually corrode, rusting along the high water line. For these reasons, most people nowadays are opting for the more popular wooden or vinyl bulkhead choices.

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