• September 5, 2016

    How to Read Plywood at Lumber Yards Houston

    While you stroll down the plywood aisles at lumber yards Houston, you’ll find a lot of variations in prices and descriptions. Here are a couple of key information codes to help you narrow down your options and buy the best material for your needs:

    Exposure rating: Every piece of plywood has one of three exposure ratings: interior, exterior, or treated. Interior plywood should only be used indoors, while exterior types can withstand some but not all exposure to the elements. Exterior plywood is commonly used in aspects of roof and wall constructions where it can be left unprotected for a week or two during the building phase, but will eventually be covered up and protected against moisture. Treated plywood is capable of withstanding long-term, continual outdoor use.

    Face grade: Each sheet of plywood has two faces, each having a grade of A through E. A and B face grade plywoods are best utilized in situations where good appearances are paramount, while C through E grades should be utilized primarily in structural-type applications, such as in floor and roof sheathing.

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