• MARCH 3, 2016

    Posted By Bayou City Lumber

    We know fire resistant lumber is popular not only for safety’s sake, but also because a lot of building codes require it for many construction projects. Here are just a few projects in which you should opt for fire resistant lumber: Wall assemblies, both interior and exterior : If you’re building an addition or constructing …

  • FEBRUARY 3, 2016

    Posted By Bayou City Lumber

    Fire resistant lumber undergoes a special chemical process that makes the lumber capable of slowing down and (in some scenarios) completely stopping the spread of fire. Lumber that is marketed as fire resistant has to undergo testing to verify its resistant capabilities. The following are just a few of popular projects that people use fire …

  • August 29, 2016

    Posted By Bayou City Lumber

    Best Tips for Working with Pressure Treated Lumber Wood labeled as pressure treated lumber has undergone a specialized process to force chemical preservatives deep into its core. These preservatives are chosen for their ability to protect the wood from insect attacks, fungal decay, moisture intrusion, and other issues. However, while pressure treated lumber is ideal …

  • September 5, 2016

    Posted By Bayou City Lumber

    How to Read Plywood at Lumber Yards Houston While you stroll down the plywood aisles at lumber yards Houston, you’ll find a lot of variations in prices and descriptions. Here are a couple of key information codes to help you narrow down your options and buy the best material for your needs: Exposure rating: Every piece …

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