• September 3rd, 2015

    Designing and installing a backyard deck can seem like a complicated project for the average homeowner. There are a multitude of decisions to be made. For instance, simply deciding on the right wood is a task in and of itself. Here are few suggestions on how to get started with the right wood for your particular decking needs:

    First, consider the hardwoods – The natural elements will play a large role in any buying decision when it comes to choosing a decking material. Houston, in particular, is very humid so the wood chosen must be able to handle this particular strain. Try hardwoods like oak and ipe that resist moisture infiltration and can also stand up to the incessant heat of the Texan summer.

    Softwoods are more problematic – A back yard deck can be anything from a place of restful solitude for yourself to a full-fledged entertainment space for the entire family. While softwoods like pine and fir are far more common than hardwoods, they really do not stand up to the demands of a deck. Use them for the railing if you really like the look but avoid them for the actual flooring.

    Try a Composite – Engineered or composite materials combine wood fiber, plastic, and some type of binding agent. The result is an attractive and exceptionally durable decking material. For durability and long life, a composite deck is often the best solution in humid climates like Houston’s.

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