• Fiberon Decking Offers Several Styles Of Composite Lumber For Decks

    [Posted on May 22nd, 2014 by Aaron Presley]

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    Why are so many people choosing Fiberon Decking available from Bayou City Lumber? It is because they want decking material that looks like natural wood, requires little maintenance and lasts for a very long time. Fiberon composite deck wood has all of these features in their products for large outdoor home projects.

    Composite decking is lumber made out of plastics and wood chips pressed together to form planks that look like natural wood. Yet unlike natural wood, composite wood offers numerous benefits such as stain resistance, fade resistance and resistance to termite invasion. It does not splinter like unsealed wood as composite wood can last for over 20 to 25 years without needing to be replaced.

    The appeal of composite decking has been growing as advanced technology is now able to craft better composite wood products. People enjoy the fact that some composite wood products are made from recycled wood and plastic, reducing the need to use natural resources while also lowering the carbon footprint in the environment. It comes in many different styles, including contemporary and traditional, to match the style of your home. Bayou City Lumber offers Fiberon deck lumber products as you can pick the type of composite lumber you want for your deck project from the list below.

    Horizon Decking with Permatech

    For a more natural wood appearance, Horizon Decking has grain patterns to make the lumber look like exotic hardwood. Here at Bayou City Lumber, we offer Fiberon decking from Horizon that comes in four different wood styles: castle gray, rosewood, Ipe and tudor brown. The Permatech technology helps the wood keep its rich color without fading or staining as people won’t know it is composite wood unless you tell them the truth.

    ProTect Advantage Decking

    When it comes to natural wood decking that has a 25-year warranty for stain and fade protection, no other decking lumber can beat Fiberon ProTect Advantage Decking. This lumber captures the natural beauty of chestnut and gray birch wood while still giving you the benefits of composite decking. Add curb appeal to your home with this type of Fiberon Decking available here at Bayou City Lumber.

    When you need composite decking products and professional installation, we here at Bayou City Lumber can help you pick out the right lumber for your deck so it matches your home design. Contact us today to get affordable pricing on our lumber. We have several choices in Fiberon Decking you are looking for to ensure you have a superior deck that will last for nearly a lifetime. So let us help you get the amount of deck wood you need to complete the outdoor project in the color and style of Fiberon composite decking that works well with the project. Then you will have a deck that you will enjoy every summer.

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