• Fiberon Decking Can Produce Beautiful Backyards

    [Posted on June 26th, 2013 by Aaron Presley]

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    When a person steps outside in his backyard, he should be seeing a comfortable Fiberon decking patio area with good seating, a proper location for a BBQ, plenty of space for landscaping, and proper fencing to section of areas for good definition. This sounds like a description out of a magazine, right? It doesn’t have to be.

    With the help of Bayou City Lumber every homeowner who wants it can enjoy the benefits of quality decking and fabrication for backyard design. Not only does it involve very low maintenance and care, the building materials are also mold-resistant and protect from stain and fading. Not every generic wood supplier and deck lumber can claim the same. Plus Bayou staff are trained and experienced in how the product works as well as its application, being able to advise customers on every aspect of the decking before they get started on an installation.

    With Fiberon decking from Bayou City, a homeowner can have a beautiful composite decking patio with bench system, a composite railing system for multi-level backyards, and general colored decking as well. This product doesn’t need to just be installed on its own either. Instead, it can be matched with specific designer backyard furniture, it can be complimented with an outdoor fireplace, or it can be used for fencing as well.

    Fiberon decking is a unique product carried by Bayou City Lumber because it provides a quality construction material that is durable, reliable and cost-effective for consumers. Not only does the decking come with a 25-year protection from fading or staining, the core material is UV-resistant as well as a resistant to anti-oxidants. This means the very elemental factors that often cause natural structures to eventually fall apart have little effect on manufactured decking.

    As noted earlier, Bayou City Lumber staff are well-versed in the benefits and use of Fiberon decking and can easily guide customers on how to best use the product. With a product that literally eliminates the problems of wood rot and age decay, Bayou City can provide the Houston, Texas region an alternative to natural lumber that will last for decades and requires very little maintenance. The savings over the lifetime of a patio that can be realized, especially without having to re-seal or re-paint a built system can be significant, not to mention beautiful and attractive enough to share with visitors.
    So if you’re contemplating how to upgrade your backyard, and the basic cement and shrubbery approach just isn’t going to cut it, consider a Fiberon decking approach. With the selection that’s available from Bayou City, a customer can choose from colors and grain patterns as well as structure choices as well. The amount of selection available with the product allows a homeowner to create decks, railings, cap rails, deck and bench systems and more. Everything is integrated for a complete design and finished product.

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