• Fiberon Decking Will Transform Your Deck

    [Posted Jan 1]
    Written by: Aaron Presley

    When homeowners want the beautiful look of wood without all the maintenance, Fiberon decking material is crafted out of polymer resins mixed with wood flour, UV inhibitors, and anti-oxidant additives. It’s a powerful combination of wood and plastic that allows individuals to enjoy the beauty of wood with the reliable durability of plastic. It won’t splinter, crack or rot like average wood, so homeowners can count on having decades of dependable use with little maintenance.

    Extensive Product Line

    Composite decking material has been available for several years, but it was only available as decking, and homeowners often had to look to other materials for railings and fences. Exciting expansions in product lines allow individuals to use durable Fiberon products throughout the patio. From the decking boards to the railings and even fences, homeowners can enjoy the beauty of wood.

    Easy Maintenance

    Where other products have to be regularly sanded, sealed, and stained, Fiberon is easier to care for. The material can withstand the powerful rays of the sun and standing water. The deck should be swept as often as necessary and scrubbed twice a year to remove stains and stubborn dirt. Mild household detergents are generally all that is needed to clean the deck and make it ready for entertaining guests.

    Enjoy More Free Time

    When homeowners choose a durable material that will last for years with little maintenance, they are choosing to reclaim their free time. There is no need to spend weekends sanding, cleaning, and staining the deck, so that time can be spent enjoying the deck. Deck maintenance is one dreaded chore that can be eliminated with Fiberon decking.

    Safe and Secure

    Traditional wood can retain the heat from the sun, splinters, and the chemicals used to strip and stain it are dangerous if inhaled. Fiberon decking allows homeowners to enjoy a safer material on their patio. It does not hold as much heat, so it stays cooler underfoot. Featuring a light texture, it also provides individuals with more surface traction when conditions are wet. Strong and secure, it will not splinter and cause injuries if people walk across it with bare feet.

    Entertainment Ready Any Time

    When wood patios start to fade and falter, homeowners have to put their entertainment plans on hold. Without time to refinish or replace damaged sections, wood decks are an eyesore and a potential hazard. With durable Fiberon decking, this is never an issue. The deck is always ready for entertaining, and cleaning it usually just requires a quick sweeping. Homeowners who are preparing to build or replace their deck will benefit greatly from making the investment in Fiberon decking. Durable and attractive, this material offers the look of real wood without the maintenance hassle. Safe for the family and durable enough to last decades, it’s the right choice for any home.

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