• Fire Resistant Lumber for Arts and Crafts Buildings

    [Posted on October 28th, 2014 by Aaron Presley]


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    Fire resistant lumber has been used for a number of years due to its properties of lessening the spread of fire. Many buildings, especially commercial structures, have building codes that require the use of this lumber. Yet there are many residential structures that should have this type of lumber in its construction, such as detached sheds and garages that will be used for arts and craft projects.

    Prevent The Risk Of Fire To Your Home

    Some craft projects require the use of tools and materials that may cause a fire. Welded art, crafts that use glue guns, and other projects that may use paints or other products that are flammable can create a dangerous environment when stored in the home. It only takes one spark to set your home on fire. With trying to work on projects, take care of the daily chores and watch after the kids, the chance of a fire starting when you stop in the middle of a project increases as it can create devastating damage and costs.

    Having a separate building away from your main home can minimize the risk and contain all of your craft products in one place. You can have the solitude you need to work on your arts and crafts. At the same token, your tools and other items will be kept in a safe place from your home. If you plan to build a shed to work on your projects, or renovate your old detached garage, consider using fire resistant lumber to increase the safety of the building.

    While people use Fiberon decking for their decks and arbors because of its strengths, rot resistance and insect resistance, people are also looking for pressure treated wood that has a fire resistance for their outdoor buildings. The first place you should stop at when looking for building materials is Bayou City Lumber. We have the materials and ideas you need so you can get your next project off the ground. Let us help you build your art and craft building with fire resistant lumber so that it will minimize the likelihood of fire spreading to your home. Then you can work on your projects as you make wonderful works of art.

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