• Fire Resistant Lumber Helps with Both Safety and Cost Concerns

    [Posted on March 6th, 2014 by Aaron Presley]

    Fire resistant lumber can make an enormous difference in the protection of a home. Although this type of material has been used for a number of years in industrial buildings, their use in residential buildings has been much more recent. As homes have been built increasingly close to forests, however, these materials provide additional protection and security for homeowners. Understanding the benefits of using this type of lumber can help both homeowners and contractors understand why they should carefully consider using these resources when constructing a home.


    One of the most obvious benefits of fire resistant lumber is the safety that it offers homeowners. It is important to note that this type of lumber is not designed to prevent burning. In fact, it is largely impossible to build a home that will not have the capacity to burn. The treatment this type of lumber has undergone, however, helps it to contain fires and prevent it from spreading too quickly. This offers improved safety for those within the home, who will have more time to exit the residence, and gives emergency personnel more time to extinguish the fire. Since the fire will be more confined, it can help protect the overall dwelling and prevent the total destruction of the personal property. Since the fires are less likely to get completely out of control and potential spread to other homes, it also helps to protect the community as a whole. Using this type of lumber for the house pilings can protect all those in and near the residence or other building.


    Buildings are subject to a strict fire code that is designed to protect occupants. These codes are developed to help ensure that buildings constructed have adequate safety precautions built in to help contain fires and ensure the safety of all those who are within the structure. For over two decades stringent guidelines have also been used to describe the requirements for fire resistant lumber. These guidelines have helped contractors have confidence in the ability of wood to protect homes and buildings. It also means that this special lumber can be used to help get buildings in alignment with their local fire codes. Other means of fire protection, such as sprinkler systems, often require a much great cost investment. This lumber can help avoid some of the excessive costs and save money, without compromising on safety. This is a win – win scenario for those who are building the homes, those who are in charge of ensuring the safety of the residents, and those who will inhabit the building.

    Lumber that has been specially formulated to resist fire can help slow burns and protect both people and property. These special materials offer many benefits to both contractors and residents, chief among them safety and cost saving measures. Those interested in learning more should turn to Bayou City Lumber and we would be happy to answer any questions.

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