• Fire Resistant Lumber For Outdoor Decks And Garages

    [Posted on September 4th, 2014 by Aaron Presley]


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    There are many reasons to consider building with fire resistant lumber. This special lumber has gone through a special process where chemicals are incorporated into the wood as it is then heated at extreme temperatures. The lumber can resist dry rot and last for a very long time. The pressure treated lumber can also retard burning, ward off insects, and is water-resistant.

    Besides using this lumber for house pilings, you can also use this wood for other outdoor projects that can reap in the benefits, such as decks and garages. Find out the reasons you want to consider this fire resistant wood over other lumber as building materials.

    Garages Become More Secure

    Many dangers dwell inside garages such as the stored chemicals, liquids and equipment. Motor oil, gasoline, paints, propane tanks, and gardening liquids are all normally stored in the garage. A garage can also hold your car, lawnmower, weed whacker, hedge trimmer, blow torches and other equipment. When equipment that can cause sparks or flames are stored in the same area as flammable liquids and gases, this can result in a fire.

    Fire resistant lumber can protect your home from fire when the lumber is used for the garage. The wood can contain the fire inside the garage until the fire department arrives, reducing damages to your home.

    Decks Can Last Longer

    Decks are out in the elements where wind, rain, hail and snow can negatively affect the decking materials. In addition, people love to cook food with their barbecue grill or outdoor kitchen. The deck needs to have decking lumber that can withstand water, rot, insects, and fire in case something goes wrong with the grill.

    Fire resistant lumber is perfect for decks because of all of its special qualities. Decks can look beautiful and last for many years when this lumber is used for small outdoor decks where a person can spend time with their family or for a large gathering spot for dinner parties.

    When you are looking for pressure-treated lumber, the first company to call is Bayou City Lumber. We have the lumber you need for indoor and outdoor projects that will provide durability, stability, and soundness so you have a beautiful deck or garage that you are proud to own.

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