• Gear Up for Warmer Weather with Fire Resistant Lumber

    [Posted on May 2nd, 2013 by Aaron Presley]

    Warm weather is a time to be outdoors, enjoying the sun and surf. The grill gets fired up and used for cookouts from spring through summer. Festive activities for Fourth of July celebrations kick off with fireworks displays galore. Summer is one of the most celebratory seasons of the year, but, it also creates a higher risk for unnecessary fires around the country. One way to help prevent and eliminate the risk of fire hazards is to use fire resistant lumber when building.

    Reasons to Gear up for Warmer Weather using Fire Resistant Lumber


    Fireworks are fun, exciting, and beautiful. The glimmer of the fading bursts on water can’t be beat, but ashes and debris from the celebratory explosion, to say nothing of accidentally ignited displays, can be cause for concern about fires. The ashes land on roofs, decks, and patios and can potentially catch those areas on fire. The use of fire resistant lumber helps eliminate the possibility of a large fire that could spread to the house.

    Dry Air Conditions

    Dry air conditions cause a higher-than-average fire risk and are the main cause of wildfires. Trees and grass are not the only things that are at greater risk for fire, though; sheds, garages, and decking made from wood products are at higher risk as well. Precautions such as not using a grill or moving flammable materials to a cool, dry area help reduce the risk. Fire resistant lumber used to build various outdoor storage areas and recreation areas helps to an even greater extent by helping to prevent any fire hazards from starting in the first place.

    Grill Dangers

    Grills give summer foods a different and much-desired taste. Improper handling of a grill can easily turn into an extensive fire. Gas grills pose a great danger on especially hot days. The tank can explode, setting fire to everything in its path. The use of fire resistant lumber limits the amount of damage such a fire could potentially cause. Charcoal grills pose an entirely different set of troubles. Sparks from the coal, upset of the grill, or spilt lighter fluid are the perfect conditions for an out of control fire. Wood that is treated with fire resistant materials changes the outcome by lowering the amount of fire damage incurred.

    Sparks from Power Tools

    Power tools are convenient for building projects. The use of these tools also presents a danger in warm, dry months of the summer. Electric tools create sparks. That seems quite harmless in most instances. Those harmless sparks have been the cause of many fires in the hot summer sun. One spark can send a blaze through a structure without warning. Using the tools to build wooden structures is twice as dangerous. Fire resistant lumber will stave off the possibility of a potentially dangerous fire.

    Fire is responsible for the loss of thousands of homes and hundreds of deaths each year in the United States. Using fire resistant lumber makes perfect sense because it not only lowers fire risk, it alleviates worries and concerns over the safety of the home and the family. It also helps to lower insurance claims which ultimately help lower the cost of insurance rates. There are virtually no downsides to using fire resistant materials to build a home, deck, or outbuilding.

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