• Complete Your Home Renovation Project with Treated Pilings

    [Posted on March 14th, 2013 by Aaron Presley]

    Complete Your Home Renovation Project with Treated Pilings. 

Treated pilings offer durable and attractive construction options for home owners. The dark color of the pilings blends or contrasts with existing structures and displays an appearance of solid strength. Pilings provide an excellent support system for decks, recreational vehicle shelters, home additions over bodies of water and decorative, nautical accents.

    Outdoor wood that is treated resists moisture and is protected from rot and invasion by insects. The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection reports that treated wood can last 20-30 times longer than untreated wood. An investment in treated pilings is one that retains its value for years, providing solid support for structures through their life span.

    A popular preservative for pilings is creosote, an oil-based material produced from coal tar. Other treatments in use for construction today are developed from oil-borne chemicals and from water-borne chemicals. Home owners need to understand that some treatments have toxic effects and to avoid breathing the fumes.

    Selection of Size

    Treated pilings are readily available in sizes that are appropriate for home renovation projects. An architectural design takes into consideration the aesthetic appeal of a structure, and the diameter of a piling contributes significantly to the design. Poles with a diameter of 10 or 12 inches are serviceable for most home projects, and lengths that range from eight inches to 55 feet or more can satisfy the requirements of a variety of designs.

    A New Deck

    Most homes have space in the back yard that can easily accommodate a deck, an addition that greatly expands the usable living area. Perfect for entertaining or for enjoying the evening air, a deck can offer a stylish distinction to a home in addition to providing room for parties or dinners.

    Recreational Vehicle Shelters

    The freedom to travel in a mobile home offers great appeal to home owners who enjoy camping out in comfort. When the vehicle is not in use, it is usually exposed to the elements that eventually diminish its attractive appearance. A tall shed that can provide protection from sun, wind, rain and show is a perfect place to use tall timbers that have a large diameter. Proportion is a factor in design that makes a building look appealing and suitable to its environment.

    Home Additions Over Water

    The opportunity to extend a living space over a river or lake offers a new way to enjoy the beauties of nature. Treated pilings are impervious to water, and they provide the necessary support for an addition to a home. The advice of an architect is recommended when a home owner considers making a significant addition to a building.

    The strength of treated pilings is more than equal to the stress load that a building places on them. An architect may suggest the use of extra pilings to support an extremely heavy structure.

    Decorative Influence

    A grouping of several treated pilings that have large diameters creates an impressive nautical accent for home owners who enjoy it. A fitting complement for the configuration is a heavy rope that loops around the pilings. A wood carving of an anchor or a bird can add a touch of authenticity to the innovative use of treated pilings.

    Homes that incorporate pilings into a renovation design achieve an appearance of strength that is appealing. The open construction style created by pilings allows the circulation of air, and water passes through easily in case of excess rainfall.

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