• House Pilings To Elevate Your Home

    [Posted on September 10th, 2014 by Aaron Presley]

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    When people think of pilings, they imagine the docks down by the marina where boats come in to moor, not the house pilings used to elevate homes. Yet more homeowners have started to consider the benefits of using pilings for their homes as the risks of flooding has increased over the years.

    Why Are People Considering Pilings For Their Homes?

    There was a time when the expense of elevating a home wasn’t worth the cost. The reason why was because flood insurance wasn’t that expensive. If they lived in an low-lying home where flooding from creeks and rivers was a great risk, they were rest assured that they could fix their homes and recoup their losses with flood insurance.

    In 2012, a federal law came into effect that caused insurance companies to increase their rates, sometimes up to four times the past premium costs, as homeowners felt they were trapped. They could either not pay the insurance and risk taking on the full costs to repair their homes if there is a flood, or they could pay the exorbitant rates.

    While FEMA passed new legislation this year to limit annual flood insurance rates so people can afford the insurance, homeowners want a more reliable and long-term solution to their problems. House pilings have become a more economical alternative with lasting advantages as homes become elevated above the flood zone risk.

    People and contractors are going to lumber yards in Houston to purchase house pilings because once the house is lifted to where it is no longer a flood risk, the insurance premiums could lower significantly. Also, it becomes easier to sell the home in the future because buyers won’t have to worry about the house flooding or the high insurance they would have to pay.

    Consider the initial costs of your current flood insurance, the cost of materials and labor to raise the house, the size and age of the house, and the future advantages of raising your home to decide if this is an option you should select. Then know that you will have a dry home that will last for years even when the rain starts to fall from the sky and the rivers rise over their banks.

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