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    [Posted on June 5th, 2014 by Aaron Presley]

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    When one thinks of fire resistant lumber, they might only apply use of the product to flammable conditions. However, this type of lumber can also be used for a variety of construction needs in conditions that would otherwise cause deterioration.

    Fire resistant lumber can be used for construction that won’t catch fire easily as well as such uses as house pilings, pest-prevention purposes, and foundation work. A number of communities and jurisdictions require the use of the treated lumber to slow down the rate of fire spread in a structure, at least long enough for emergency response to arrive and extinguish the fire. The product is created by using extreme cooking pressure to impregnate the wood fiber with chemicals that retard burning as well as prevent attack by water, pests, decay and more. Once treated, the pressurized lumber can last for a very long time, being used in conditions that would turn normal would into dry rot within a few years. This is not an overnight process; treated wood preparation takes a certain amount of time to complete, so stock often needs to be ordered ahead of time to meet large demands.

    For those looking for treated lumber in the Houston area, Bayou City Lumber is a source to contact. Their capacity can include treated lumber for both large commercial projects as well as individual, smaller needs. The range of produces offered is quite diverse, allowing customers and buyers to find what they are looking for instead of having to drive out of the region for the same needs.

    Bayou’s fire resistant lumber stock also comes in a number of different sizes, making it easy for customers to find the type and shape of wood needed for a project. Common beam sizes up to 16 feet long include a variety of cuts in inches of thickness:

    • 2 x 4
    • 2 x 6
    • 2 x 8
    • 2 x 10
    • 2 x 12
    • 1 x 4
    • 1 x 6

    They also carry common sheet sizes of 4 feet x 8 feet boards with a variety of thicknesses and function grading.

    So if your project has a call for pressure-treated lumber in a construction, foundation or landscaping need, and you’re scratching your head on where to find a viable supply, Houston’s answer is at Bayou City Lumber. Local builders and construction experts have relied on Bayou for years, finding quality product, expert help, and ready supplies for local needs. Instead of rain orders and delays, Bayou works with clients, anticipating local needs and keeping supplies up. So even new customers will find plenty of inventory for their needs, big or small.

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