• Information and Uses of Pressure Treated Lumber

    [Posted on January 16th, 2014 by Aaron Presley]

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    Pressure treated lumber is a premium building material that can be used in a variety of construction projects. Bayou City Lumber, which was established in 1994, is located in Houston Texas, and is a leading provider of specialty and bulk lumber for the southeast Texas region. We carry projects materials appropriate for the building of bridges, bulkheads, boat docks, house decks, and home pilings. Our company has been in service for over 10 years, and our incredibly knowledgeable staff has well over 100 years of combined expertise and experience in construction from small home improvement to large-scale property development and commercial buildings. Understanding the many uses of treated lumber as well as the manufacturing process and materials will lend greatly to your ability to use this material in a smart and efficient manner for your next construction project. SO WHAT IS THIS MATERIAL? Pressure treated lumber is a standard building material made of wood that is chemically processed so that it may withstand the elements. The appearance of this type of lumber is a light green tint upon regular wood. The tint, as well as the slightly moist texture is a result of the chemical treating procedure. One of the primary benefits of using treated lumber is that it is formulated so that it is water resistant. As well as being waterproof, treated lumber is made so that is repulsive to mold, bacteria, insects, and UV ray penetration. WHAT ARE ITS USES? Using pressure treated lumber is quite common with outdoor construction projects. A great example is when building a dock for a lakeside property. Anyone with a basic understanding of lumber can tell you that untreated wood is highly susceptible to decay, especially on waterfront properties. Therefore, when building structures that will be under the constant abuse of the natural elements, using a specially manufactured product tailored for such use is absolutely necessary. Using treated lumber will ensure that outside projects such as a deck lumber addition to a home will last for decades in any climate. Another added benefit is that this material can be painted and stained in exactly the same manner as untreated wood, while still maintaining it’s longevity and strength. IS IT SAFE? As with all building materials, there are standard practices that must be followed to ensure proper safety for builders and owners alike. It should be noted that pressure treated lumber is not recommended for use indoors. When working with this specialized material, always be sure to work in well-ventilated area when sanding and sawing. The sawdust can be harmful if inhaled, and an irritant to the skin, so proper protective wear such as masks and suits are highly recommended. The raw material itself is certified to cause no harm to plant or animal life as long as proper installation and treatment are followed. META DESCRIPTION For Information and Uses of Pressure Treated Lumber, contact Bayou City Lumber today.

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