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    [Posted on January 13th, 2014 by Aaron Presley]

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    Bayou City Lumber is one of the best lumber yards in Houston. The majority of construction uses wood and house pilings. Umber is an incredibly versatile and useful material. If sealed and painted correctly, our lumber and treated pilings will last you a lifetime. Whether you’re a major homebuilder or a family looking to build your first home, you need a reliable lumber yard that can provide the quality and quantity of wood you need for every project. Bayou City Lumber is your one-stop location for commercial and residential building materials and a knowledgeable staff to help you find the perfect fit for you.


    One of the best reasons to use lumber yards in Houston is the vast selection of lumber types available. Each job will need various grades, lengths, and amounts of lumber. Smaller stores just can’t provide the same amount of choices to meet the needs of so many types of jobs. This is because smaller stores will strive to provide broader experiences, including the sale and rental of tools and other non-lumber products and services. Unique products such as pressure treated lumber simply can’t be found at such quantities and discount rates at your local hardware stores. Hardware multi service stores are ill-equipped to handle large jobs, and because they work as a middle man between the product manufacturers and clients, will always increase the prices of products to compensate for this fact. When you buy your lumber directly from the yard, you are buying your product much closer to it’s place and company of origin, and this translates to prices much closer to raw production cost than any distribution company could ever provide.


    Using lumber yards in Houston like Bayou City Lumber, you’ll be buying from a renewable source. We work in large amounts of lumber, and because we work with such a quantity system, are able to provide special package pricing. For large-scale construction projects, like community developments and commercial enterprises, please inquire by calling us today for discount pricing and rates. The big idea is that because we cut the wood, it means that we have much more flexibility in offer discounts to bulk buyers.


    Buying locally from lumber yards in Houston will support local renewable resource efforts. Buying imported wood leads to

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