• Lumber Yards In Houston To Supply Materials To Build Your Dream Closet

    [Posted on September 17th, 2014 by Aaron Presley]

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    Going to lumber yards in Houston just became more fun for people who are remodeling their homes. Besides purchasing the basic products and materials to create custom kitchens and master bathrooms, people are also getting creative in other parts of their homes: the closets.

    Closets Are Getting Major Makeovers

    People are sick of the small closet spaces that require them to buy bulky dressers or storage containers to hold their clothing and accessories. They want large walk-in closets. They want closets with lighted mirrors, small dressers, and chairs where they can sit and try on shoes while selecting the perfect outfit for the evening out on the town.

    While some people simply go to the home improvement store and buy built-ins, creative builders want to add more customization to their projects. Things they are adding to their closets with the use of wood products from lumber yards in Houston:

    • Floor to ceiling shoe racks
    • His and Her closet shelves
    • Hanging cabinets for jewels and accessories
    • Foot stools
    • Multiple clothing racks
    • Storage bins

    Wood can be added to several different places in the closet. Add wood clothing rods, shelving or stools. Rough cedar lumber makes a great wood to line the walls and ceiling of your closet. This lumber has a aromatic smell so the space smells fresh all the time. The smell also deters moths and other insects that can ruin clothing. The lumber resists rot and is sturdy as it can last a lifetime.

    Get Creative With Your Closets

    If you are remodeling every other room in your house, why should you skip redoing the closets? Whether you are doing an entire gutting of the closet or just adding a few cabinets or shelves, you can have the storage space you need that looks beautiful. So go to lumber yards in Houston and pick up the wood that appeals to you the most, will make your closet gorgeous, and will give you the adequate space you need to store all of your clothing.

    Bayou City Lumber has been helping homeowners will all of their wood-building projects. Let us help you pick out the right wood products and the quantity you need. Then love the way your home looks and functions for many years.

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