• The Many Advantages of Using Pressure Treated Lumber

    [Posted on October 10th, 2013 by Aaron Presley]

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    Pressure Treated Lumber is a wonderful building material. Looking to build or repair your deck this spring? How about construct a home, add an addition, or remodel? If so, you are more than likely going to use some form of pressure treated lumber for your project. This form of lumber is used in a variety of applications from in ground usage like foundation sill plates and pilings, to above ground decking and framing. Knowing what your choice of building material is made with is an important factor in determining how to proceed with your project. Before you go to your local lumber yards in Houston, consider the following information when purchasing treated lumber.


    Pressure Treated Lumber is best for outdoor projects like decks. While many homeowners wonder if they should use pressure-treated wood for a specific project, the answer is simple. Wood for any outdoor project should be pressure-treated; wood for indoor projects should be left as is. A proper selection of the wood species should provide you with all the rot and insect protection you need for your indoor projects. On the other hand, this pressure treatment is essential to your outdoor projects and can add almost two decades worth of life to your project.


    One of the biggest advantages of pressure treated lumber is that it is affordable. When compared to other types of wood, it is going to be quite a bit cheaper. For example, if you compare it to redwood, you are going to be saving 30 to 40 percent on the cost. When you are going to be working on a big building project, this can be a significant source of savings. If you are working on a tight budget, this type of wood is going to be very attractive.

    Another big advantage that you can get with pressure treated wood is that it is strong. When compared to other types of wood, it is going to be able to hold up to a lot more wear and tear. It is a lot more difficult to dent or scratch this type of wood. This means that it is going to look a lot better after it has been installed and used for several years.


    Because of the extra strength, this type of wood is also very long-lasting. You are not going to have to replace this type of wood very often. It should be able to last for many years without any issues. In fact, there are many manufacturers that will put a 40-year warranty on the wood that they produce.


    Another advantage that you will get from using pressure treated lumber is that insects are not going to be attracted to it. It is actually toxic if an insect tries to bite into it or spends too much time on it. Due to this, insects are not going to want to be on the wood very much and will generally stay away from your house.

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