• Pick Out The Right Deck Lumber For Your Outdoor Project

    [Posted on April 22nd, 2014 by Aaron Presley]

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    More people want to have a nice relaxing outdoor space on their home yet haven’t figured out the right deck lumber to purchase. They automatically assume that wood is the best choice for decking without having the cheap look of plastic. Wood decking looks beautiful and is the most popular type of material to use for outdoor spaces.

    Unfortunately, wood decking needs to either be stained or painted to prevent the wood from changing color or cracking due to age and weather conditions. Since the paint can chip or the stain can fade, you will need to continually stain or paint the wood to seal it. Also, the wood can absorb food and drink stains as professional sanding and staining the wood may help to get rid of the stains.

    Composite decking is starting to gain in popularity over wood lumber products for deck projects across the country. Composite wood is a combination of plastic and ground-up wood pieces compressed together and formed into planks. Fiberon Decking is a type of composite decking that still has the appearance of wood without the plastic look yet doesn’t need to be stained or painted. They come in numerous colors — including white and gray — and can be shaped into curves and other patterns, making the wood ideal when you want to curve your deck around trees and other building structures without having sharp cut lines.

    One of the top reasons people choose composite deck lumber over wood is the low maintenance features. This synthetic type of wood fights off warping and cracking caused by age, the weather and the harsh rays of the sun. Some of the more expensive composite planks are stiffer, so they won’t bend of bounce when a person walks across the surface. In addition, some types of composite wood handles spills and stains better, which is ideal when a person throws tons of outdoor parties where wine and food may fall on the deck. When choosing the type of deck lumber for a project, keep in mind several factors:

    How much time do you want to spend in maintenance?

    How much do you want to spend on materials and labor?

    How much of a cost increase will there be in property taxes?

    How often do you plan on using the deck?

    What will you normally use the deck for — i.e. parties or other activities?

    Based on the answers given for these questions, you will be able to pick out the right lumber for your deck project. Then stop in at Bayou City Lumber to get the lumber at the best prices. Always order additional materials in case the wood becomes damaged during installation or there is a need to replace a piece of planking due to later damage. With the right lumber for the deck, you can enjoy your outdoor space for many years.

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