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    [Posted on November 10th, 2014 by Aaron Presley]


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    Deck Lumber in Houston is a serious consideration, you want the best lumber compatible with the weather conditions where you live. Finding the best lumber for your deck is easy with our highly trained and informed staff at Bayou City Lumber. When you prefer low level maintenance and beautiful quality with natural wearing that reveals long term beauty, it’s the initial choice of lumber for your deck that will make all the difference.

    Whatever Choice of Deck Lumber it Must Meet Certain Standards

    • Pick an eco-friendly choice of natural wood for your deck
    • Wood that requires little maintenance
    • Very hard surfaces are best, they’ll last for decades
    • Grain that enhances they style and deck versatility
    • Creates a natural, healthy environment for outdoor living
    • Increases the real estate value of the home
    • Adds warmth and ambiance to the outdoor living space

    If you want a very dense and heavy wood for your deck that is almost as hard to burn as stone or concrete, order a South American hardwood called Ipe’, (pronunciation: ee’ pay). This is also the very best naturally bug and rot resistant wood.

    If you prefer tropical hard woods, like Mahogany, you can treat this very dense wood with marine oil and it looks just like the high-end wood, Teak. When ordering a tropical rainforest hardwood like Mahogany or Jatoba, make sure it has the recommended Forest Stewardship Council, (FSC), trademark to verify that it has been responsibly harvested.

    Avoid pressure-treated pines for building a deck, although they do resist rot and repel pests, the green-tinged lumber is a poor color choice over-time, and the pesticides used to treat the pine is unhealthy for a living space.

    Deck Lumber Options for Zero Maintenance and Stunning Beauty

    People who want to be sure of never having to maintain their deck knowing there will be no pest problems, or deterioration due to rotting, have the option of composite deck materials. Fiberon Decking is the superior deck and outdoor product to provide unsurpassed stain, fade and mold resistance for your outdoor living space. Bayou City Lumber is proud to accommodate home and business owners with the best selection of composite materials available in Houston.

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