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    [Posted on June 13th, 2013 by Aaron Presley]

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    For homeowners who live next to large bodies of water, or contractors that are building a sea wall to protect properties from erosion you will need quality bulkhead material. While driving out by lakes, rivers, and large bodies of water like the ocean, it`s not hard to find private and commercial properties whose owners have not made a wise investment in their choice of materials for preventing water erosion. It`s common to see fences hanging halfway into the lake or ocean, old bulkheads built out of poor quality material, sea walls that have aged beyond their effectiveness, or bulkheads that are damaged and in dire need of repair.

    In terms of lumber and building materials of all types, one company in the Houston, TX area covers the spectrum—Bayou City Lumber. One of their specialties is quality bulkhead material to stop erosion of all types in private, government, and commercial settings.

    Erosion can occur near bodies of water, or on properties that have steep grades. In the case of prohibiting water erosion on steep grades, property owners can choose from several types of materials to build terrace systems that will stop fast rushing waters during and after rain storms. Also, aside from erosion, building a terrace complex can provide beautiful landscapes and garden areas on the property. Bayou City Lumber carries all the modern man-made materials for these purposes and natural lumber selections as well.

    For those home owners and contractors that need bulkhead material for other purposes like sea walls on a lake side, river side, or ocean side residential or commercial property, Bayou City Lumber has an enormous variety of materials to choose from for these projects.

    They stock several styles and types of materials for building waterside bulkheads in particular. Those materials include: Shore Guard, vinyl bulkhead solutions, sheet piling materials, wall capping options for beautification of bulkheads, marine grade pilings and timbers (able to withstand saltwater), deck lumber, vinyl tie rod materials for vinyl bulkheads, and ArmorWare brand materials. Bayou City Lumber was establish in 1994 and has become the largest lumber yard and retailer of building materials and bulkhead material in the Houston, TX area.

    As the largest supplier of lumber building materials, eco-friendly building materials, and specialty bulkhead supplies and materials in Houston, TX, customers are sure to find the type or style of materials they are seeking to complete their projects. They also specialize in fire resistant and man-made materials for private homeowners and contractors as well. Whether the customer is a home owner working on a back yard terrace project or a new deck, or a contractor that needs materials for a large commercial project Bayou City Lumber can provide the building materials they need.

    Selecting the proper bulkhead material for your project can be somewhat complicated based on the conditions of the area or the application of the bulkhead. For further information on any of their products, or for help understanding the different materials available and their proper application—call the customer service help line at 713-991-2377 or toll free at 1-866-501-4507.

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