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    [Posted on June 20th, 2013 by Aaron Presley]

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    With the advance of technology, those outside the construction industry or structural repair might assume that wood is going the way of the horse-buggy and becoming an obsolete building material, even for deck lumber. However, that assumption would be completely wrong. More now than ever, wood as a building material continues to be in demand as well as needed in a variety of shapes, sizes, grains, and strength. It’s not just limited to deck lumber for patios. Both construction as well as builders-after-the-fact use wood on a regular basis to help support communications, barriers, structures, access equipment and more.

    Bayou City Lumber has been in operation in the Texas region since 1994, and our deep experience in wood product, for both home repair as well as large-scale construction projects, makes our business the place to go for obtaining the right wood product for the job. Whether it be timbers for phone lines and boat dock pilings or cut wood for internal framing and deck lumber, we have the products on hand for what’s needed.

    Further, unlike a basic big box store that may carry a limited assortment of general lumber, Bayou City focuses on lumber only, carrying specialties and professional construction assemblies that won’t be available at the general hardware store. Because our staff are trained and understand the intricacies of some of these products, we are able to guide all customers to the right lumber parts for their demands.

    With our deep inventory reach as well as technical knowledge, Bayou City Lumber also has everything municipal and capital projects need for timber and wood product support. It doesn’t matter whether the demand is for bulkhead material, basic foundational work or technical heavy-duty assembly components, our lumber resources can take care of the job. With a full-scale capability, there’s no problem in terms of handling construction site delivery and bulk demand as well as the home repair job with replacement deck lumber. Every project is handled with reliability and dependability of service and product.

    Where technical certifications are necessary, Bayou City Lumber can meet the requirements as well. Our product inventory is Forest Stewardship Council™ Certified, which means we support and participate in responsible management of timber resources and forests. This dedication to social and environmental standards of business as specified by the Forest Stewardship Council sets Bayou City apart from our competitors. We also engage in USGBC Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design certification, or LEED as better known to the industry. Because of our dedication to environmentally friendly business practices and guidelines, we are both familiar as well as participate in LEED support efforts.

    So, irrespective of the job demand or how complicated the timber need might be, Bayou City is here to help and support. Our thousands of satisfied customers all agree that Bayou City is the place to go for project lumber and unique wood needs, both for commercial and private use.

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