• Raised Beds Made From Fiberon Decking Can Spruce Up Retaining Walls

    [Posted on October 19th, 2014 by Aaron Presley]

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    At Bayou City Lumber, we offer the latest in Fiberon decking that can be used in your next big outdoor project whether you are building a deck or a gazebo. Yet this pressure-treated wood has other advantages, especially if you have retaining walls on your property.

    Retaining walls have the major purpose of stopping soil erosion, especially if there is a sloping hill on your property. While some people like the hardscape appearance that the retaining wall gives to the backyard when made out of bulkhead material such as timbers or stone, you may want a more natural environment that blends in with your decking and other landscape features.

    Raised Beds Bring Nature To Your Retaining Wall

    Instantly bring color and life to your retaining wall with raised beds. Raised beds allow you to grow flowers along the retaining wall without compromising its structural aspects. Use materials that are already available in your yard to create the framing for the beds so you keep a uniform look throughout the outdoor space that complements the beauty of your home. Also, you will be recycling the materials that would end up going to the scrap yard or local dump.

    You may want to consider taking the extra Fiberon decking used for your deck project and create tiered flower beds. Tiered beds will raise up level by level to look like steps that are reaching up to the top of your retaining wall. Add flowers for bursts of color or in a rainbow pattern along the retaining wall that increases the natural beauty of your backyard. Since you are using pressure-treated wood, it will be resistant to rot and insects as you won’t have to paint it if you are looking for a more natural look.

    Get All Your Lumber From Bayou City

    Whatever outdoor project you are working on, get your wood and other supplies from Bayou City Lumber. We offer Fiberon decking, retaining wall materials, piers and other products to use around the home and to spruce up your outdoor spaces. Know the materials you use for your home will withstand the test of time by using our products here at Bayou City Lumber. Then sit back and enjoy your yard even more when it is exactly the way you want it.

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