• Rough Cedar Lumber is Perfect for Your Garden Structures

    [Posted on Jan 2]

    Written by Aaron Presley.

    When choosing a lumber for outdoor garden structures, you must first consider the harshness of the elements and the persistence of local pests. Lumber designed for indoor structures will only look attractive for a short time. Driving rains, searing sunshine, and busy insects will quickly turn a beautiful arbor or gazebo into a dilapidated pile of rotten wood. Bayou City Lumber is the leading source of Rough Cedar Lumber for your next garden structure.

    Aesthetic Value

    Rough Cedar Lumber is the perfect choice for any garden. Its natural beauty and rustic flair compliment the colors and textures of nature. In addition, cedar is a natural insect repellant, so those pesky bugs will think twice before snacking on your pergola or greenhouse frame.

    Use rough cedar as landscape timbers for a rugged yet ornamental edging for flower beds and garden areas. Construct raised beds for beauty and function when designing your vegetable garden. Not only will the beds last season after season, but the cedar’s insect-repelling qualities will create a friendly environment for your vegetables and ornamental plants.


    Some garden paths have been constructed using rough cedar wood. Timbers can be laid in rows to form walkways, or they can simply outline a path covered in cedar mulch or shavings. Both options are attractive and practical, especially for large gardens or backyard spaces.

    Rough cedar timbers make wonderful supports for large, vining plants, or bushy trees. The natural color and texture of the wood blends nicely with that of the plant, disguising the structure while giving the plant stability. Grape arbors are especially strong and sturdy when constructed of rough cedar timbers.

    Another benefit of using rough wood cedar in your outdoor areas is that it needs no painting or finishing. Structures made with pine or other timbers must be painted often in order to maintain a neat appearance and prevent rot. Cedar maintains its natural beauty without the high maintenance that other woods require. Build it once and forget about it.

    Limitless Structures

    There is virtually no end to the types of garden structures that can be created using rough cedar timbers. Gazebos, pergolas, greenhouses, and sheds are just a few ideas for the avid gardener to construct. Even outdoor furniture like swings, gliders, and benches can be made of rough cedar. Add decorative fabric cushions for an extra burst of color and comfort.

    Outdoor kitchens are all the rage these days, and rough cedar is once again the building material of choice that brings style and function together. Entertain guests or have a family barbecue while sitting down to a sturdy picnic table made from rough cedar planks. Erect an elaborate canopy using rough cedar timbers as the framework, and create a food preparation workspace, complete with outdoor sink and countertops.

    Does your backyard or garden overlook a scenic lake or peaceful wooded area? Why not construct a viewing platform or deck using durable rough wood cedar? Add some built-in benches to create the perfect sitting area, or elaborate by incorporating a screened-in gazebo.

    Even rustic guests houses or cabins can be erected using long-lasting rough cedar timbers. There is no another wood that can provide such stability and strength while simultaneously adding beauty and warmth. Rough cedar is the perfect wood for all of your outdoor needs.

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