• Rough Cedar Lumber The Perfect Choice For Outdoor Projects

    [Posted on September 24th, 2014 by Aaron Presley]

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    Early Fall is the time of year that people rush to Bayou City Lumber to pick out rough cedar lumber and other wood varieties to finish outdoor projects around their home. You may be trying to complete the large building project you started earlier in the year, or just starting a project you have put off until after summer vacation.

    One of the concerns about choosing building materials is that you want all of your projects to have a similar outdoor appearance so they don’t look out of place in the yard. Bayou City Lumber has some easy tips to get the projects looking like they belong on your property and not stick out like sore thumbs.

    Pick Similar Types Of Wood

    Sometimes the easiest way to get your deck and pergola to match is to select the same wood for it. Decide on fire resistant lumber for the flooring of the deck as well as for the roof of the nearby pergola. Then pick out a different wood with a distinctive wood grain, such as rough cedar lumber, for the railings of the deck and the posts of the pergola.

    Both outdoor projects will have similar wood characteristics, yet the wood will be used in different places. The pergola and deck will complement each other while still have their own uniqueness all from using a same wood in different places.

    Match Architectural Features

    To have your outdoor projects possess a similar design theme, pick out specific architectural features that are on your house. If you have arched dormers on the roof, have the wood on the pergola or porch arch in the same manner. Whether you have a rustic home or an Colonial style house, your outdoor structures will match as people will love how your yard looks.

    Add Numerous Smaller Objects To Bring The Decor Together

    Perhaps there is no way to get you outdoor deck to match with the pergola or small outdoor kitchen space. You can still incorporate the same theme throughout your yard. Select matching wood furniture or planters made out of rough cedar lumber. Place them strategically throughout the yard as people’s eyes will be drawn to these decorative pieces.

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