• The Advantages of Vinyl Bulkhead Material

    [Posted on April 5th, 2013 by Aaron Presley]

    Vinyl bulkhead material is popular for use in seawall construction. This material has surpassed all other materials that have been used in the past. If you have a lakefront or an oceanfront home, then the need to build a proper seawall may be necessary. The use of vinyl bulkhead material in the construction of your seawall means that best product on the market is being used. If you need to construct a seawall for your property, then review the benefits vinyl sheet pilings.

    Cost Efficient

    Homeowners looking for better value in a bulkhead material need to review the qualities of vinyl pilings. The cost to install vinyl pilings is much less than wood or steel and is also easier to maintain. A vinyl seawall will last longer than other materials. If your seawall is made of vinyl bulkhead material, then the need to replace pilings is reduced as is your cost for any needed repairs.

    Resistance to UV Rays

    The constant ultraviolet rays from the sun can wreak havoc on wood, steel, and other materials that are used to construct a seawall. Vinyl bulkhead material used for a seawall is designed to lessen the problems caused by the effects of the sun over time. This means the material will not easily fade or begin to show signs of deterioration. If you live near salt water, then the effects of the sun will be multiplied if a seawall is made from steel or wood.

    Appearance is Consistent

    The look of vinyl bulkhead material does not change over time, thus your seawall will look the same years after it has been installed. A vinyl seawall is not painted and will not fade. If you have a seawall made of wood or steel then the fading of colors may occur. Constant maintenance is needed for wood and even steel seawalls to restore the effects of fading. Vinyl seawalls are able to keep a constant and consistent appearance years after they have been installed.

    Resistant to Marine Borers

    Organisms in sea water, such as mollusks and marine borers, will feed on wood. The use of wood for a seawall means the structure is at risk from marine borers that will drill into the wood, and the strength and durability of the seawall will degrade over time. If you can see holes in the wood of a seawall, this is a sign marine borers are present. A seawall constructed from a vinyl bulkhead material will mean the effects of marine borers are not a concern.

    Ease of Installation

    Vinyl bulkhead material used for seawall pilings is much easier to install than wood or steel, which is partially due to its uniformity. Wood pilings can be warped and not have the same shape. Pilings that are not the same size can cause the installation to be delayed. Vinyl pilings for a seawall will be the same as all the others used for construction. This makes installation easier and leads to fewer problems that tend to slow down the process.

    Additional Information

    The warranty provided with vinyl bulkhead materials can be up to 50 years. This means that your seawall may last longer than you or your home. You need to review available warranties from various manufacturers when researching seawalls for your property.

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