• Tips for Planning Your Ranch Fencing Project

    [Posted on August 29th, 2013 by Aaron Presley]

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    Your ranch fencing project is about functionality, although there may be some areas where you want to bring aesthetic value as well. At Bayou City Lumber, you can find wood ranch materials that allow you to create a visually pleasing fence line that will corral cattle or mark boundaries for your land. Before you begin with your fencing project, taking time to plan allows you to avoid costly in-project mistakes.

    Why Build a Fence?

    According to Better Homes & Gardens, the first thing to think about when building any fence is purpose. Although a ranch fence is completely different from enclosing the backyard, this first tip is still important. A corral fence for training horses near the barn is going to look different from a fence to pen cows in a pasture; both of those structures may be different from a fence that is simply meant to mark your land or provide decorative elements around the ranch house.

    Where Are You Building?

    Using a map of your land, plot out all the points of your fence. Ensure that you don’t leave a section open, since that would remove the purpose of the fence. Make notations where you want gates and determine how far apart posts should be. This information will help you select materials and determine costs for your fencing project.

    Select Materials for Your Ranch Fencing Project

    Bayou City Lumber offers a range of treated ranch lumber, allowing you to find the products that best meet your needs. It’s important to understand the difference between deck lumber and specialty ranch lumber; you want to avoid buying expensive deck or home lumber to use in building a fence. At the same time, make sure you purchase properly treated wood to avoid rotting and maintenance problems in the future.

    Use your drawings and figures to determine how much fencing material to buy. Don’t forget to calculate for gates, posts, and special shapes on your land. It’s usually a good idea to buy a small amount of lumber above your calculations, as things are likely to change slightly as you begin to put up your fence.

    Other Things to Consider

    Unlike yard fences, ranch enclosures require a few specialty considerations. In some cases, you may not be building a permanent fence. If you want to be able to relocate the fence during different seasons or for different purposes, select a structure that will not require deep pole holes or a lot of nailed boards. You’ll also need to consider what type of animal will be housed within the fence. Design needs are different for cattle, sheep, horses, and pigs.

    By planning your ranch fencing project before you buy materials or drive the first nail, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble. You’ll also be able to budget time and money for the project more appropriately.

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